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Aqsaam Al-Waajib (the categories of the obligation)

The following is from the translation of the book,  Al-Waadih  Fee Usool ul-Fiqh  (The Clear Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence) by  Muhammad Hussein Abdullah: The Waajib is divided or categorised in accordance to different considerations. As such, there is a division in respect to its performance (Adaa’), another in respect to its evaluation (Taqdeer), a third in respect to its designation and a fourth in respect to the one who has been charged with it (Mukallaf). The categories of the Waajib in consideration of its time of performance or undertaking Waajib Mutlaq and Waajib Muqayyad (The unrestricted obligation and the restricted obligation): 1 – Al-Waajib Al-Mutlaq (unrestricted obligation): This is what the Shaari’ (Legislator) has requested to be done without restricting it to a specific time and an example of this type is the Qadaa’ of Ramadhaan for the one who did not fast due to a Shar’iy ‘Udhr (excuse/reason) like sickness or travelling. That is because he can make Qa