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Aafia Siddiqui does not need tears or sympathy - she needs a Khaleefah to defend her honour

It comes as no surprise to hear that the daughter of the Ummah of Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم has been sentenced to 86 years in prison in a Manhattan court. The leader of the ‘civilized' world, the United States of America conjoined with its slave, Pakistan, has displayed an abysmal show of justice. One perhaps should not be wholly surprised at such a sentence, for this sham of a trial epitomises everything that is flawed with the War On Terror. The fact that Bagram airbase, Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib (amongst others) carried out systematic torture and rape amongst the prisoners is no surprise as Capitalism has a degenerate tendency and will refer to extreme measures to maintain its global stranglehold. The same can be said of other man made systems for Communist Russia was renowned for its brutal tactics against political and ideological opponents. Furthermore, the Jahilliya of Quraishi society unleashed its wrath upon the noble Sahaba (RA) because there aspirations were to

Kashmir: Asia's Palestine

Kashmir has once again made the global media headlines as civil unrest has gained momentum and is now into its fourth month. Whilst demonstrations in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir are nothing new, the current unrest has been simmering ever since a student was hit with a gas canister on June 11th protest in Srinagar, resulting in his death from injuries sustained. Ever since, protests have intensified and confrontations with the security forces have been occurring daily. The situation has deteriorated to such an extent that Srinagar airport was closed for the first 15 days of September. Historically this region has always had protests. An insurgency organised by Pakistan and led by Jihadi groups was the norm in this territory. Such actions were driven by the need to remove Indian occupation. However these prolonged protests have seen civil unrest for the whole summer, it has also claimed the lives of over 80 people. Kashmir: Past and Present The British Empire divided t

Uncovering the American-Iranian deception

This article is written by Brother Abid-Mustafa On Sunday 19th September, in an interview on ABC's "This Week" programme, Mr Ahmadinejad said, "If the US administration truly wishes to alter its policies in Afghanistan, and in Iraq, and to move in a direction that serves the interest of the people of those two countries, we are always open to cooperation, as we are now." Iran's offer of assistance to America over Afghanistan comes at an important juncture for the Obama administration. America's armed forces are stretched, NATO is extremely reluctant to contribute more troops and the Pakistani army is overwhelmed by the flood crisis. But why does Tehran want to extend cooperation, given America's recent efforts to impose fresh sanctions against Iran. Equally perplexing is Tehran's proposal to help America stabilize Iraq. One would have thought that instability in Iraq and America's inability to pacify the Iraqi resistance suited Tehran. B

The Struggle for Turkey

What is going on in Turkey? On September 12th 2010 78% of the Turkish electorate voted for constitutional reforms in a referendum. The referendum resulted in 58% of the public voting for the reforms and 48% against. Erdogan's AKP party - Turkey's ruling party submitted a package of constitutional amendments to the parliament on 30th March 2010. The changes were passed in parliament in late April and early May 2010 with over 330 votes, below the two-thirds majority of 367 votes needed to pass them directly, but enough to send them to a referendum. This referendum was held on the 12th September 2010. The current constitution was installed via a military coup in 1980. However the military and other secular institutions have been in control since the Khilafah's destruction in 1924. The 26 article amendment package, introduces a number of reforms which will alter the balance of power in Turkey. Whilst the package introduces a number of new laws from economic and social ri

Burning of the Qur'an in America: The abuse of Islam cannot be stopped unless we re-establish the Islamic Khilafah State

An extemist group of American Christian-Zionists called the ‘Dove World Outreach Centre' has launched a campaign to publicly burn copies of the Qur'an al-Kareem on September 11th 2010. The disgusting and jahil act is to be condemned absolutely. But it is proof once again that the Islamic Khilafah State is needed today more than ever to protect this Deen. The illegitimate regimes in the Muslim world continue their close slavish relationships with Western governments despite the continued abuse of Islam in Western countries. They have done nothing in the face of the anti-Islam propaganda by Western governments in their ‘war on terror'. Zardari in Pakistan continues his cooperation with America's war in Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia is looking to sign further defence contracts with the US. These corrupt criminals - whether dictators or democrats - whether professing to be custodians of Islam or secularism - were silent when the offensive cartoons attacking Allah's b

Urdu Audios

Alhamdullilah the da'wah carriers working for the re-establishment of the Khilafah continue to give talks , presentations & write and translate articles and books into various languages. A new site has been created where audios related to Islam and Khilafah will appear in the Urdu language:

View on the News 06-09-2010

America: FBI agents invited to the masjid Muslim leaders are debating the wisdom of inviting FBI agents to mosques to provide protection at a time of rising anti-Muslim rhetoric and debate about the proposed Islamic community center near Ground Zero. The issue surfaced Tuesday as word spread of a Nashville mosque's decision to host two FBI agents at a prayer service last Saturday night. The agents discussed the investigation of a fire, suspected to be arson, at a planned mosque in nearby Murfreesboro, a project that has also triggered vehement opposition. The agents then silently observed prayers from the back row. "I don't think it's really appropriate to station agents in mosques," said Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington. "It has a chilling effect on a house of worship, and we would have concerns that agents would also be gathering information on ordinary worshipers." The dispute reflects the tens