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Views on the news - 24/07/08

Butcher of Bosnia is finally caught but what about those who kept silent This week, Radovan Karadzic was finally apprehended and will be put on trail for the slaughter of 20,000 Muslims. But even if the infamous butcher of Bosnia is successfully prosecuted the question will always remain what about those who were in a position to stop the genocide, but chose not to. The biggest culprits were the Europeans who encouraged the genocide in their own back yard because they feared that Bosnia would turn into an Islamic state. And as long as the Muslim countries remain divided and weak the western powers will do nothing to protect the honour and blood of Muslims in Bosnia , Kosovo or elsewhere. Only the Khilafah can return honour and glory to the Muslims of Bosnia and punish those colonialist powers that spurred Karadzic to commit genocide in the first place. Russia seeks to consolidate its foothold in the Americas Reacting to reports that Russia is seeking bases in Cuba to host Tu-160 supe

Geo-political revamp

Today, much of the world problems, are a direct result of capitalism, which principally allows unbridled accumulation of capital and freedom of ownership. These principals translates into third world being forced to liberalise its economies, hoarding and manipulation of food supply, genetic seeds, monopolising markets in the name of free trade, and taking control of natural mineral resources around the world. When all else fails, a direct military intervention by the imperial powers, is the adopted way to extend their control, as seen in Iraq, and Afghanistan. The governance and economic system of Islam embodied in the Caliphate, presents detail injunctions, to deal with the plethora of problems the world faces today. Islamic revenue generating mechanism, unlike capitalist taxes, such as GST, Income Tax, etc (which disproportionately burden the masses), are based on Ushr, Kharaj, Jizya, Thoghoor, Rikaz, etc. It ensures that natural mineral resources are effectively utilised by the Cali

Pakistan's leadership vacuum

After almost eight years of military rule, Pakistan faces a myriad of challenges that threaten its very existence. American threats of unilateral action in the tribal area, Indian backed insurrection in Balochistan, a dramatic increase in suicide blasts, and the economy in tatters are some of Pakistan’s woes. But perhaps, the most significant issue is the leadership vacuum that pervades all segments of society. A manifestation of this void is the antics of the current coalition government, which over the past six months has struggled to define its purpose and chalk out a concrete programme to confront these challenge. Politicians are not the only culprits. Military top brass, bureaucratic big-wigs, industrialists and civic leaders are just as guilty. Put it another way, all have either abdicated responsibility or simply buried their heads in the sand. The only thing common amongst the nation’s leaders is the beseechment of foreign powers. Politicians unashamed of courting American and

Views on the news - 17/07/08

Mediterranean Union: Struggle between EU & America On 13/7/2008 France , which holds the current EU presidency, officially declared the launch of the Union for Mediterranean . At the Summit, leaders from 43 countries came together and agreed on a joint declaration. It stated that the main aim was to transform the Mediterranean region into an area of peace, democracy and cooperation and prosperity. The European initiative led by France is aimed at competing with the US over long-term control of Eastern European and Muslim countries. However, the most disappointing aspect is that the rulers of the Muslim world have again placed the ummah at the centre of a bitter struggle between Europe and America . The messenger (saw) of Allah said, “The Muslim should be sharp so that he is not stung from the same hole twice.” The rulers rather than heeding from this hadith, rush at every opportunity to act as agents for the kafir colonialist powers. For instance Turkey initially opposed to Mediter

In Remembrance of the Destruction of the Islamic Khilafah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم From the time Islam was revealed, the kuffar have waged an unrelenting struggle against Islam and the Muslims. Despite this struggle, Muslims reined victorious for thirteen centuries with the exception of a few battles during the Crusade and Tatar invasions. The ideological might of the Khilafah and unyielding spirit of Iman, coupled with the sacrifice of the Muslims continuously proved overwhelming for the kuffar. However on the 28th of Rajab 1342 AH, corresponding to the 3rd of March 1924, the Western world lead by England at the time - finally achieved what they had long desired and for which they had exerted enormous effort: the abolition of the Islamic Khilafah and the separation of Deen from state, and Islam from politics. Consequently, the West spread their control over the Muslims and their lands. This calamity was made successful through the ardent support of Western agents from both the Arabs and Turks where the traitor Mustafa Kamal was at their head.

Adam Smith's praise of the Caliphate

Adam Smith, the 18th Century founder of modern economics whose picture is printed on the current UK £20 note, was exceedingly inspired by the Islamic method of governing. He proclaimed that: "...the empire of the Caliphs seems to have been the first state under which the world enjoyed that degree of tranquility which the cultivation of the sciences requires. It was under the protection of those generous and magnificent princes, that the ancient philosophy and astronomy of the Greeks were restored and established in the East; that tranquility, which their mild, just and religious government diffused over their vast empire, revived the curiosity of mankind, to inquire into the connecting principles of nature." * * Adam Smith, ‘History of Astronomy’, The Essays of Adam Smith (London, 1869), p. 353 Source

Views on the news - 9/7/08

Anglican Church declares women Bishops acceptable On 8/7/2008 The Church of England's legislative body voted in support of ordaining women bishops. Women have been ordained priests since 1994 in the Church of England. Today, one in six of England's parish priests are women, but they have been restricted from serving as bishops. There are also voices from within the Church to accept homosexual priests. Clearly, this demonstrates that the gravest danger facing any religion under secularism is that secular fundamentalists will not rest until religious dogma is revised and agrees with their viewpoint on life. Muslims living in the West should seize this opportunity and explain to disgruntled Christians about the virtues of Khilafah and how Christian beliefs and teaching were protected by Islam in Spain, Sicily and Palestine. Russia threatens military force against US plans for Czech Republic The United States and Czech Republic on 08/07/2008 signed an accord, which US Secretary of

Views on the news - 3/7/08

France punishes Muslims for no crimes committed On 1/7/2008 Human Rights Watch (HRW) published a report that criticized France for violating human rights in the way it handles terrorism-related cases. HRW says France uses a catch-all offence to charge suspects even when they have only a vague link to an alleged terrorist organization. Suspects can face long periods of detention before trial, and some have suffered physical violence during interrogation. They cannot see a lawyer for three days, and then for only 30 minutes. It is clear that these draconian measures are aimed at instilling fear in France’s Muslim community. Any alleged association with terror is enough for authorities to incarcerate Muslims for having committed no crime at all. France like other European countries has adopted laws that by their very nature are designed to persecute Muslims and curb their right to practice Islam. Muslims living in the Europe must take it upon themselves to expose the fallacy of freedom an

Islamic Civilisation and Science

For the last two centuries, the world has witnessed unprecedented leaps in Science and technology, the development of railways, Aeroplanes, Nuclear technology, the Internet, IVF, Genetically modified food, the Penicillin, Cloning and the development of Nanotechnology. Such developments have taken place in parallel to the development of the West, reaching levels unheralded in history. The West today has monopolised technological and scientific inventions and consider the adoption of liberal values a pre-requisite for development. Most thinkers, scientists and philosophers claim Islam has no place in the world today, a view which itself is built upon the premise that none of the Muslim countries have produced anything in terms of scientific research or technological invention. The West claims that progress in science and technology occurred when the West rid itself of the authority of the Church and separated religion from life. For them the church stifled the development of science and

Chief Justice of India praises Islamic penal code as deterrent against crime

From Mohammed Siddique, Hyderabad: The Chief Justice of India K G Balakrishnan has hailed the Islamic penal code saying they were effective in deterrence against the criminal offenders. Addressing a workshop on "Growing Crimes – deterrent punishment : search for appropriate theory of punishment", organized by the organization of Retired Judges and NALSAR University at the Andhra Pradesh High Court Balakrishnan gave the example of Gulf countries. "People say the laws in those countries were harsh but it is a fact that because of the harsh punishments, the crime rate in those countries is very low". Women can move around even at midnight with out any fear, he said. Even traffic rules were so strict that there were very few traffic accidents in those countries. He recalled that till 1857, Islamic penal system was in force in India and the law and order situation in the country was very good. "The introduction of Indian Penal Code was a good move but