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Q&A: Age of separating children in the beds?

Question: Please explain the hukm regarding separation of children in their beds. At what age is separation an obligation upon the parents? Also can a parent sleep in the same bed as their child? Answer: 1- With regards to separating children in their beds, it is clear that the separation which is obligatory is when they reach the age of 7 and not since their birth. This is due to the hadith reported by Daarqutni and al-Hakim from the Messenger (saw) who said: When your children reach the age of 7 then separate their beds and when they reach 10 beat them if they do not pray their salah.’ This is also due to what has been narrated by al-Bazzar on the authority of Abi Rafi’ with the following wording: ‘We found in a sheet near the Messenger of Allah (saw) when he died on which the following was written: Separate the beds of the slave boys and girls and brothers and sisters of 7 years of age.’ The two hadiths are texts on the separation of children when they reach the age of 7. As for the

Political Concepts Part 7 - World Main issues continued

The following is an extract of the draft english translation of an excellent recent book entitled 'Political Concepts' which was published in the Arab world in 2005. The influence and effect of these peoples in international politics would appear when we examine the great world issues. 1. The Issue of Europe The issue of Europe is the prime world issue since many centuries. It is related to the great states, balance of power between these states, the world colonial domination, including its military, economic, political and cultural extent. It is of the oldest issues, and most dangerous upon what is called world peace. It is the oldest world issue because it created in the world what is called international family or international community; where international law was founded because of that. The international family/community consisting of the Christian European states was founded so that Europe can face Islam. However, what is called the sacred alliance was founded to attack