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RESPONSE to Critical Questions about TALIBAN'S LEGITIMACY - Part 1

Dr. Muhammad AL-MASSARI : RESPONSE to Critical Questions about TALIBAN'S LEGITIMACY - Part 1 Source

Full Debate: Is Zionism Settler Colonialism? | Abdullah al Andalusi

FULL DEBATE: IS ZIONISM SETTLER COLONIALISM?    [Enhanced Audio + Captions]    If you enjoyed the arguments presented in the debate, and want to know more, and learn how to debate, discuss and advocate for Palestine yourself, register now for the Palestine advocacy course and raise the bar in Muslim argument and activism.    Follow this link:

Authenticity of narrations on the Battle of India (Ghazwat-ul-Hind)

Introduction   P rophecies relating to the coming of the final hour, have a powerful propensity to capture the imagination.  None more so than those which appear in our tradition, the final revelation sent to mankind.  Indeed, it can cogently be argued that in our present era we have borne witness to some of them: whether that be the Arabs competing in the construction of tall buildings, the lady which is clothed yet naked, and the tyranny of security forces beating people with whips. Several questions have been tabled of late asking specifically about Prophecies relating to ‘the Battle Expedition of India,’ the ‘ ghazwat-ul-hind ’, what the authenticity of the traditions are, and whether this specifically relates to events prior to the end of days.  Rather than listing all questions, it is intended that this short comment will cover all those areas that have been raised, with the permission and help of Allah the exalted. Citations Out of the well-known books ḥadith in

Eradicating Riba (Usury) - The Taliban can break free from the grip of the oligarchy

The following is a translation of an Arabic article. Eradicating Riba (Usury) The Taliban can break free from the grip of the oligarchy of satanic globalization and make a change in its structure 1. Eradicating the interest completely, including but not limited to: a. Clearing all interest-based banks and turning them into Islamic banks. The most important part of this is the complete ban on issuing the Riba-based credit cards and replacing them with non-Riba cards: Debit Cards or Prepaid Credit Cards. b. Complete ban on using Credit Cards in all over the country, irrespective of the entity that has issued it, even if foreign. c. The State should fully desist and forbid public and private companies from issuing Riba-based bonds and replace them with Mudharaba instruments and other permissible financing contracts. 2. Declaration of Public Property a. Declare ores, minerals (including oil and gas), and water as public property, regardless of the ownership of the land in whi

Is Afghanistan under the Taliban an Islamic State?

Dr. Abu Khaled al Hejazi asks Professor Muhammad al-Massari a series of critical questions relating to Afghanistan under the Taliban. This enlightening Q&A includes discussion on: - Whether it was considered Dar al-Islam (a land of Islam) previously when the Taliban were in power? - What disqualifies a land form being Dar al-Islam according to the Shariah? - Do the actions of the Taliban in negotiating the withdrawal agreement with America in Qatar constitute Kufr Buwah (open kufr)? - Can the Taliban's trade agreements with China and other nations who oppress Muslims be justified according to the Shariah? Do they constitute Kufr buwah? - The distinction between Dar al-Islam and Khilafah? - How could Afghanistan transition to become a Khilafah?