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Q&A on Adoption - Part 1

I received the following question along with other questions in response to the  research  I had published on the 21st of January 2019, 14th Jumadi al awwal 1440. Question:- The  Fuqaha  discussed the principle of ‘ uniting the word of the muslims ’ and said that it is expected from the Muslims to leave their own opinions and adopt that opinion which unites the Muslims in their affairs. Does this not serve as a  daleel  to prove the concept of adoption? Answer :- It is true that  Wahda  (unity) is an important concept and as long as  Maslaha  is achieved through it then people should abandon their view for it. However, the  Wahda  (unity) should be qualified ( mutahaqqaq ). It is discussed by the scholars using various terminologies including ‘ jama ’  Kalimat al Muslimeen ’ ‘Uniting the word of the Muslims’. The  usulioon  did discuss this concept under the chapter of ‘conditions of adopting the weaker view during necessity’ however none of them presented the view that the