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An Examination of the Issue of Adoption

The following is the translation of an Arabic article. The origin in respect to the meaning of “At-Tabanniy” (adoption) is the taking or adoption of the son and it has been used in a metaphorical manner to refer to the taking or adoption of the opinion. It is therefore said for example that: “Tabannaa Zaid Fikran” (Zaid adopted an idea or thought) i.e. that he took a thought for himself making it his. Within the context of the Ahkaam Ash-Shar’iyah it is said that “Zaid Tabannaa (adopted) the Hurmah (prohibition) of a matter or the Hall (permissibility) of a matter” etc… Meaning that he had designated for himself a particular Hukm Shar’iy (ruling) from among the numerous rulings. That “he took or adopted it as an opinion that he would regulate his conduct with”. The intended meaning of “At-Tabanniy” (adoption) in this study, is that meaning which is held by a group in this current time of ours. That is in the case where they say: “The Ameer (leader) of the Jamaa’ah is the one

Adoption & an evaluation of the Riwayaat leading to the Baya' of Uthman (ra)

I present this research to the Ulema, da’wah carriers and the Transitional Committee (Lajnah) which was formed to study and evaluate what led to the failure of the various revivalist parties and to determine a path ahead for the work to re-establish the Khilafah. This paper intends to discuss one of the main evidences used to prove the subject of adoption within a group and the riwayaat surrounding the subject. I make dua that Allah (swt) guides me to the Haqq and gives me the tawfeeq to do what will please him alone. I make dua that He (swt) guides the Lajnah and its members to setup a movement upon the correct methodology to work to re-establish the Khilafah upon the path of Prophethood. Introduction The subject of Umar’s (ra) death and the incidents that took place during the ensuing period until the appointment of Uthman (ra) as the Khalifah is of much significance. From among the significant issues, the first issue is with regards to the instruction given