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King Abdullah ready to embrace the Deen of Jews and Christians

On 24/3/08 King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia speaking at a seminar on ‘Culture and the Respect of Religions’ said, “The idea is to ask representatives of all monotheistic religions to sit together with their brothers in faith and sincerity to all religions as we all believe in the same God…” The remarks were enthusiastically received by the World Council of Churches and the Bush administration. Presidential spokeswoman Dana Perino said,” … it can only give us hope that there would be further recognition of everyone's right to freedom and freedom of expression and religion. So we are encouraged by it.” Has not the King heard the all too often derogatory remarks made by the Pope and other western leaders about Islam? Is he not aware of the words of Allah regarding Jews and Christians? Allah says: “the Jews and the Christians will never be pleased with you until you follow their own Deen” [TMQ 2:120]

Sarkozy wants to upgrade France’s ties with Britain

On 27/3/2008 the English newspaper ‘The Independent’ reported: Nicolas Sarkozy, has recast himself in the mould of statesman, laying down an ambitious vision of "a new Franco-British brotherhood for the 21st century" in which the two countries could unite to influence the world. Calling for an "entente amicale" to replace the 104-year-old entente cordiale alliance, he urged Britain to take its place at the heart of Europe. Sarkozy. Addressing a joint session of both Houses of Parliament, Sarkozy said, “By uniting our strengths and determination we can contribute to the emergence of a new globalization – freer, fairer, more responsible, more just. Together we are necessarily stronger than standing side by side, let alone standing against one another…” Indeed, over the past few years, Britain and France have been cooperating with each other to frustrate America’s plans from transpiring in Chad, Sudan , Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan . The two countries are also compet

Dollar’s decline: A crisis or an opportunity?

Despite the US Federal Reserves intervention last week to shore up the US dollar, the currency is showing little sign of recovery. Many analysts now predict that the US economy at the very least will stay in recession for sometime, while others forecast a substantial collapse in the value of the dollar prompting a global depression. Whatever the outcome, the precarious position of the dollar presents an opportunity for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries that possess enormous dollar reserves and trade in petro-dollars. If these countries were to withdraw dollar assets from US banks, and also start selling crude oil in a currency other than the US dollar, then the American economy would very quickly collapse. Just this move alone would force the US to spend its the huge military budget on starving Americans at home and substantially reduce its military commitments abroad. Had these rulers possessed iota courage they would have undertaken such a step long ago to rescue Muslims in Palesti

Pope Benedict needs to realize that Islam is not the enemy

On 24/3/2008 the English newspaper The Times reported that Pope Benedict XVI had baptised Magdi Allam, 55, an outspoken Egyptian-born critic of Islamic extremism and a supporter of Israel. The move revived memories of the fury that greeted Pope Benedict’s speech at Regensburg University in 2006 in which he branded Islam as inherently violent by quoting a Byzantine emperor. Rather than manipulating every opportunity to attack Islam, the Pope must realize that his real enemy is secularism and not Islam. Retreating behind the veil of ‘freedom of speech’, and ‘freedom of religion’, secularists have relentlessly abused Catholicism and forced the Roman Church to modify its views and practices. Today, Catholic teachings are scarcely recognizable and face imminent extinction, unless the Vatican takes a firm stand against the secular powers. Under the Khilafah, Catholicism was not forced to change its views, and Christians lived in harmony with Muslims. Hence, it would be wise for Pope Benedict

Rabiul Awwal & The death of Prophet (saw)

The following is a transcript of a circle given by a brother. يَا أَيُّهَا النَّبِيُّ إِنَّا أَرْسَلْنَاكَ شَاهِدًا وَمُبَشِّرًا وَنَذِيرًا (45) وَدَاعِيًا إِلَى اللَّهِ بِإِذْنِهِ وَسِرَاجًا مُنِيرًا “O Prophet! Truly We have sent thee as a Witness, a Bearer of Glad Tidings, and Warner, and as one who invites to Allah’s (grace) by His leave, and as a lamp spreading light (Siraajan-Muniraa).” [TMQ Al-Ahzab 33:45-46] Rabiul awwal is the 3rd month of Islamic calendar. The month of Rabiul Awwal has special significance in the history of Islam. There are 3 main significant issues we have in Islamic history in this month of Rabiul Awwal. They are mainly: • Birth of Prophet (saw) • Hijra to Madina and establishment of the Islamic state (known as Dar al-Hijra and Khilafah after the death of the Prophet). • Death of Prophet (saw) and selection of 1st Khalifah Abu Bakr Siddiq (ra). So, to understand the significance of this month we have to look deep into Seerah of Prophet (saw). Because by scr

West exploits Tibetan killings to embarrass China

West exploits Tibetan killings to embarrass China ahead of the Beijing Olympics Recently, the Chinese media reported that 13 people were killed by rioters in Lhasa . However, Tibetan exiles supported by Western governments put the death toll at 80. On 17/3/08 the Dalai Lama added fuel to the fire, and described the killings as cultural genocide. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao responded angrily and accused the Dalai Lama of masterminding recent violence in Tibet's main city, Lhasa. ‘This has all the more revealed the consistent claims by the Dalai clique that they pursue not independence, but peaceful dialogue, are nothing but lies’, he said. The Chinese regard Tibet as an inseparable part of their country. But the issue has taken on a huge political dimension, ever since Bush invited Dalai Lama to Washington in October 2007 and bestowed upon him, America‘s highest civilian honour the prestigious Congressional Gold Medal. It appears that Dalai Lama with some encouragement from western

Comments on current events

Dutch enlightenment or decadence On 13/3/2008 the English Newspaper Telegraph reported that Dutch officials were planning to permit gay sex in public at Amsterdam’s famous Vondelpark. The only restriction placed on this immoral activity is that it should not occur near children’s play areas and should only take place in the evening. The park attracts 30,000 visitors a day and more than likely these visitors will have be forced to tolerate such behaviour. This is not the first time that the Dutch have allowed decadent acts to be performed in public. In 2000 prostitution was fully legalized, and later cannabis was sold openly in coffee shops. The government justifies the presence of such immoral acts based on liberalism, despite the corruption it causes in society. Liberalism and decadence are twin sisters that will always lead to the destruction of any society. This is the same liberalism the West wants to impose on the Muslim world to ensure that her sons and daughters fall prey to

New fiqh book by Sheikh Abu Iyas

A new book entitled مسائل فقهية مختارة "Selected fiqhi issues" has been published in Arabic. It is authored by the Mujtahid Sheikh Abu Iyas Mahmoud Abdul Latif al-Uweida (May Allah protect him). The book contains 321 issues in the form of questions and answers related to Salah (prayer), fasting, Zakah, Hajj, Umrah, economics, ruling, social relations and Jihad. The Sheikh has selected from the questions which he responded to between 1993 and 1997. The Sheikh has also given express permission to all those wishing to print, publish and distribute the book. The book can be downloaded from: مسائل فقهية مختارة The Sheikh is a respected scholar in Jordan, he has authored a very detailed book in Arabic upon the rules of Salah entitled "Al-Jami’ Ahkam as-Salah" which is over 500 pages long. It is published by Dar al-Wadah in Amman, Jordan. It is in 2 volumes and can be downloaded from: and He has

Message from Masjid Al-Aqsa

A powerful message, delivered in the form of words spoken by Masjid al-Aqsa. Presented by Shiekh Isaam Amera during a public gathering for Palestine with other local community leaders in Australia. You can watch the video on this link: , the speech is delivered in Arabic with English subtitles. The following is the English translation of the speech: "Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh My dear brothers and sisters this time I will speak in Arabic because I want to convey a message on Al Masjid Al-Aqsa as my brother said that Masjid Al-Aqsa speaks only Arabic. I was there at Masjid Al-Aqsa quite recently. I prayed Jumu'a there and I claim that I listen well to Masjid Al-Aqsa so al Masjid Al-Aqsa says: Where are the men? Where are the armies? Where are the mujahidun in the path of Allah? Where is your Khilafah State, oh you Muslims! I hear lots of voices but I see no action, Al Masjid Al-Aqsa says Indeed my minbar (pu

Fighting as a method to establish the Islamic state?

The following is a draft translation of part of Study No 11, Vol. 1 from the Ph.D. Thesis from the University of Damascus, Syria entitled ‘Al-Jihad wa’l Qital fi as-Siyasa ash-Shar’iyya’, published in Beirut, Lebanon by Dar al-Bayariq in 3 Volumes by Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Khair Haykal. The scanned Arabic book can be downloaded from here . Fighting to Establish the Islamic State Abstract: This study includes: 1- The opinions of Muslim writers around the thought of fighting to establish the Islamic State. 2- The evidence of those who allow or do not allow "fighting to establish the Islamic state" and its discussion showing the position we put forward. 3-Fighting to establish the Islamic state (by the ones who adopt this method), is it Jihad in the way of Allah by its shariah meaning? Firstly: The opinions of the Muslim writers regarding the thought to establish the Islamic state The division of the opinions of the Muslim writers regarding this first issue into two directions. Th