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The Muslim Community in the West and the Call for Khilafah

Muslims in the West face a number of challenges. Some of these are real, others are perceived to be real. Bringing up children and maintaining our identities is a real challenge. Holding onto Islamic values in an ideological society that works to undermine these values is another. Recently, Muslim communities have faced an onslaught, undermining Islamic beliefs and practices. Some have responded by standing firm like Abdullah ibn Masud (ra), who stood firm against the violence inflicted by Quraysh, whilst others have buckled under pressure, seeking solutions contrary to the Ahkaam Shari’ah, to save themselves and their communities. In my previous  article  I argued that the raft of government anti-terror laws is one such ‘perceived challenge’. In that although governments in the West were unveiling laws after laws, this was less about security and more about preparing their populations and instilling fear amongst Muslims. I argued that the carriers of da’wah in the West and activi

Q&A: Repercussions of Turkey Shooting down the Russian warplane

Question : My question is about the repercussions of shooting down the Russian plane: Will it lead to an escalation of the air force in the airspace of Syria? Will it extend to the airspace of Turkey? Thank you. Answer 1. As for the airspace of Syria: – If what you mean by the escalation is that the warplanes patrol the airspace of Syria and bomb its territory, including humans, trees, and stone, this is already taking place, and the aircrafts put every effort into that. – But if what you mean by escalation is that these aircrafts clash with each other and start an air war between them, this is unlikely, at least in the foreseeable future for the reasons that we have mentioned in our publication on 11/10/2015 and the Q&A on 18/11/2015 . 2. As for the extension of escalation into Turkish airspace,  it is as if you mean that an air war will begin between Russia and Turkey, that the Russian aircrafts attack Turkish aircrafts in retaliation to the shooting down of the

Q&A: The Latest Developments in Syria, and are the Paris Attacks connected to them?

Question: The Syrian airspace, especially after Russia’s brutal aggression on Syria, has become a militarily arena for American, Russian, Syrian and other aircrafts, in addition to the military conflict on the ground. Successively, the political talks have escalated in Vienna 1, Vienna 2 and Vienna 3 in addition to the side talks… My question is why hasn’t there been a military clash between these aircrafts in the air even though they are carried out by different countries? And why was this military escalation accompanied by a political escalation? Finally, what is the expected solution to the issue of Syria? Will the Paris attacks on Friday 13/11/2015 that took place three hours before the Vienna talks on 14/11/2015, affect the solution to the issue of Syria? Or are they irrelevant and that the synchronization of events was a coincidence? Please provide me, without delving into deep political analysis, with a simple answer easy for me and the general public to understand, Jazak All

Q&A: Rules (Ahkam) Related to Zakat

Question by Lut Abu Sunayna: Our esteemed Sheikh, greetings blessed by Allah سبحانه وتعالى, Assalamu Alaikoum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu. My question is about the Nisab of the Zakat in trading merchandise. It was mentioned in the book,  Funds in the Khilafah State  (page 142-143), that the Nisab of the Zakat is 200 silver Dirhams, or 595 grams of silver, or 20 gold Dinars, or 85 grams. So, for today’s time, which of the Nisab should we rely on in our calculations for trading merchandise, while taking into consideration that there are vast differences between the price of gold and silver, as one gold Dinar is almost equal to hundreds of silver Dirhams, so if we calculate 5 gold Dinars it will over-exceed its equivalence in its Nisab in silver, so which of the Nisab should we rely on today? Baraka Allah feek and may we benefit from your knowledge. Question by Muhammad Usman [copied as written]: Aslamoaleikum Warahmatullah! I have a few questions regarding Zakat  1.  What is th