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Analysis: America, Pakistan, India & F16’s

The following is the draft translation of a political analysis article written in Arabic.

Question: It was announced in Washington on 25/3/2005 that the American government agreed to sell to Pakistan (F16) fighters, as a part of an aid program to Pakistan that continues for five years and reaches 3 billion dollars. American had stopped the deal in 1990 because of the Pakistani nuclear program. So what has changed after 15 years so that America agrees rather than stops the deal? Is it possible America remembered that Pakistan had helped it in the occupation of Afghanistan, so it decided to reward it through this deal of fighters, more than three years after the end of the war against Afghanistan?

There is no reason for not accepting the deal is a reward to the Pakistani regime for its betrayal to the ummah, and standing on the side of America in its aggression against Afghanistan, for America raised the degree of this regime to the status of (Strategically of America).

However, proper examination of the matter from all its angles shows that the deal comes as an introduction to a matter, which is more important than being a reward only. This deal is an introduction to military relations with India that makes India completely dependent on American technology; so that America uses this as a means to connect India again with America, after it lost its agent Vajpayee, and the return of Congress Party, known of its link with Britain, to authority again.

Through the fighters deal with Pakistan, America drives India to demand of a bigger deal from America (or to accept from America an offer for such deal). This would be under the pretext of making balance, due to the sensitivity of India’s view towards Pakistan, in terms of military power. Congress Party was aware of that, and aware that America wants to link India with American technology. That is why America did its best to dissuade India from its plan to procure gas from Iran through a gas line that carries gas to India. America offered instead to supply India with energy from American projects for producing energy. India understood the point, so it did not agree to cancel the gas project from Iran, which it has been discussing it with Iran during last February and March. The Indian minister for oil and natural gas declared at the end of last month that his country (will continue its discussions with Iran for completing the project of laying the Iranian gas pipe line despite the reservation of USA and its open disagreement to this project, through its ambassador in India and the visit of its Foreign Minister, Rice, to India).

Thus, America wants to infiltrate in India again through connecting it with weapons and energy, so it holds it through technology after it failed to hold on it politically since the defeat of its agent Vajpayee and the victory of Congress Party, well known of its loyalty to English.

America’s use of the different means of pressure and temptation to infiltrate in the states is famous in American policy. It used economic linkage of Indonesia with it a means to infiltrate in it in the fifties, last century (at time of Sukarno). It spent its utmost for the sake of achieving that, till Indonesia agreed to accept loans from America and accepted the entry of American economic (political) projects in Indonesia, where it became after that connected with America till today.

Thus, the American fighters deal is an introduction for a bigger deal to India, so as to make the dependence of Indian armament on American technology a means to infiltrate again in India. And this is the reality of what had happened. After the deal with Pakistan, India responded angrily to the decision of USA regarding resumption of selling (F16) fighters to Pakistan after hesitation that lasted 15 years. Foreign Minister, Rice replied by declaring to Washington Post newspaper that USA likes to build even relations with Pakistan and India. American Foreign Ministry spokesman, Adam Erli announced that New Delhi was informed of the decision regarding the American deal to Pakistan; and he considered the arms deals with Pakistan and India arise from the wish of Washington in strengthening the security of the two states. Bush had before contacted Indian Prime Minister to inform him of the decision. An Indian government spokesman had said that Singh (Prime Minister) had expressed his disappointment of the American government decision.

However, on the next day after America’s announcement of its agreement to the Pakistani deal, ie on 26/3/2005, India welcomed the offer of USA regarding their cooperation in the field of peaceful nuclear energy production. Indian newspapers mentioned also on 26/3/2005 that Washington offered India a miscellaneous set of weapons systems, besides the possibility of their manufacture locally. In origin the issue relates to the (F16 and F18) fighters.

It is not regarded unlikely that the deal to India might be completed before that to Pakistan. It is not even regarded unlikely that the deal to Pakistan is delayed again after America achieving its objective from announcing it.

Muslims must have realised that the aid offered by colonial kuffar, particularly America, does not aim at strengthening Muslims and nor to make them attain complete capability for defending themselves. Rather; there are other aims behind such aid that serve the interests of the kuffar. If the rulers in Muslim lands were actually interested in weapons and its production, then they would have manufactured it, by Allah’s leave. Muslim lands are full of wealth and people. In fact, many experts in atomic science and manufacture of advanced weapons are Muslims.

It is duty that Muslims manufacture weapons in their land. If it was necessary to buy it for strengthening the army, then it must be bought by using intelligence and wisdom, and with pride. So, why Pakistan has to reach a weapons deal in 1990, and yet it did not receive till today? Instead it even betrayed its ummah and sided with America in its aggression against Afghanistan without asking it to hand over, in return, the deal of fighters!

We see today America uses the promised deal as pressure against India so as to accept a bigger deal! Fighters might even reach India before the reach Pakistan, despite the ruler of Pakistan provided America every possible help that enables it to kill Muslims. He had humiliated himself, so he became insignificant in sight of America and it gave him no regard. Indeed, as the poet says:

(Whoever becomes insignificant, disgrace becomes convenient to him).

30 Safar 1426 AH


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir:

As you mentioned,
"..since the defeat of its agent Vajpayee and the victory of Congress Party, well known of its loyalty to English.

To bring to your very kind attention, please consider seeing the following link:

And I qoute from the above link:

"Created in 1885, the Indian National Congress became the nation's leader in the Independence Movement, with over 15 million Indians involved in its organisations and over 70 million participants in its struggle against the British Empire"

Please consider the authenticity and truth of the content of the information you publish, of course, by all means you have the right to misinform people, but, unfortunately, everyone doesn't agree with poorly informed opinion.


Anonymous said...

.....and in your opinion wikipedia is the most reliable texts on history available to those trying to unravel the web of deceit and deception, of which is politics?

considering the founders of wiki, coupled with the fact it can be altered by anyone for any reason they may have, i don't think it carries much weight when discussing politics.

kindest regards

PS. excellent article shedding more light on issues which seem so superficial but in reality are much deeper.