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From Syria: If Not Ashamed, Do Whatever You Wish

The following is a draft translation of an Arabic leaflet issued in Syria by Islamic activists working for the re-establishment of Khilafah.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

If Not Ashamed, Do Whatever You Wish

The president of the Syrian system said in his last speech on 15.08.2006 that the peace process had failed or died “Lately we are talking continuously about the death of the peace process…. And before that we talked about the failure of the peace process…. And all this talk is correct and undoubted” hence it is the resistance which liberates the land! “We are convinced that the natural path to achieve peace is negotiations, but when this path fails or is originally unavailable… then the resistance with all its aspects is the alternative for achieving the rights” he mentioned the liberating of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon for Southern Lebanon in the year 2000, as an example on that “We used to tell them that this resistance will liberate Lebanon… some said, that it is nothing more than the scratch of a cat,... and in 2000 Lebanon was liberated thanks to the resistance, and it was proved that they were wrong and we were right”. This president forgot that the Syrian Golan is occupied, and not a single bullet was shot to liberate it for over than thirty years, it was the system which paved the way for the occupation of the Golan in 1967, by announcing beforehand that Al-Kuneitrah -capital of Golan- fell into the hands of the enemy before it really did, the soldiers were ordered to withdraw from the front lines in Golan to the back lines behind Al-Kuneitrah, to declare that it fell before it really did, the Syrian broadcasting service announced that then, now, he says that it is the resistance which liberates the land, but he runs away from it in Golan! Won’t he be ashamed from Allah His Rasul and the Believers?!

Then, the above mentioned president tried to justify -in his speech- why he did not use the armed resistance to liberate the occupied lands in Golan, by saying that armed resistance is not the only one, there is another resistance such as the culture of resistance… “It is not necessary for resistance to be an armed one only…. It could be a cultural or political or opposing one and other different kinds” he goes back to misleading and to silly excuses to justify his defeat, won’t he be ashamed from Allah and the people?!

The third disaster is that he made resistance for the sake of peace with state of Jews, he said that resistance does not mean to abandon peace “Hence, resistance is not contradictory for peace and not an alternative for it, it is… at least… in our circumstances… necessary in order to achieve peace”! He wants the blood of the martyrs which was shed for the sake of Allah, to be a path to negotiate with Jews, similar to what his father Hafez and the Sadat did by initiating from the war of October into the resolution of 338 then the Camp David agreement with Egypt and the resolution of disengagement with Syria, and keeping complete quietness and tranquility in Golan so that Jews will enjoy its occupation in safety and security. This president did not leave the issue to be deducted but he manifested it by saying: “At least we have to change the military triumph into a political profit… at least in the peace process”. He wants the victory on Jews in Lebanon to be the path to a political triumph by a compromise with Jews, won’t he be ashamed from those who watch or listen to him?!

This is how the speech of the Syrian president was full of falsity and misguidance, but to say the truth he was honest in one thing only, when he said: “Experience taught us that the international dominating powers, which some may rely upon, these powers utilize the authorized and the governments for their own interests… against the interests of those governments, and sometimes for the interest of the enemy of those governments. Then they throw all of these into the abyss after making use of them is over… by that they had lost the exterior after already losing the interior” This is true, because the agents are spit out by the states -which used them as agents to whom they bend and kneel- after they finish their role, these states end renting them in a humiliating manner similar to what happened to those before them, so won’t the Syrian President have a lesson from this true statement, and realize how the system served America for thirty years in Lebanon, and when its role was over, America sent it out in disgrace and humiliation? Won’t he unbind the rope of America which is tied around his neck -which he clings to voluntarily- and be faithful for his country to save his face? We wonder about that, while we are aware that he won’t do that, because he got used to hypocrisy, he said a statement of truth but he meant falsity by it.

Oh Muslims;
Jews are wandering and enjoying themselves in Golan, they eat from its fruits and shade under its trees and sleep in content that the ruling system in Syria is only expert in fraud and misguidance to people, but keeps silent about the occupation of Golan since a long time! The Syrian system -since the conference of Madrid before 15 years- is practically acknowledging state of Jews, it tried several times to negotiate with it, but it refused, because it doesn’t want to return Golan to Syria nearly disarmed as it did in Sinai with Egypt, and it doesn’t want to return Golan to Syria and keep part of it as being rented from Syria, as it did in Wadi Araba with Jordan, Syria is running behind a compromise as long as it could, but Jews refuse, it even gives advices for Jews to accept compromise with it today, warning them that new faithful generations may come later, which will not accept other than eliminating entity of Jews, this is how Syria advices Jews to accept negotiating with the system! The compromise which he speaks about is dead, yet he runs breathless behind it night and day, this is not a secret, it is mentioned in the declarations of the officials, “Al-Haya” newspaper issued on 05.08.2006 reported after “Yedeu’t Ahranut” newspaper on 04.08.2006, that the Syrian ambassador in Washington Imad Mustafa had declared in an interview which Orli Uzulai -the reporter of the (Israeli) newspaper- had with him in the American capital in the Syrian Embassy that: “Syria admits the right of Israel in existence and living in peace, and although we look at Israel and not the United States -as an enemy, yet we invited Israel three times in the last few years for peaceful negotiations, but got no answer…”. The newspaper says as was reported by Al-Haya, that the ambassador Imad Mustafa is the secretary of the Syrian President! The Syrian System did not issue any denial of this news!

Oh Muslims;
We know that the Syrian system had resorted to fraud and misleading in a competition with many political classes in Lebanon, which practice like him, the policy of fraud and misleading, it criticizes the Syrian System for its relation with America, at the time when its drowning is felt and tangible in its relations with America, France and Britain, but all of that does not justify for the Syrian System to (make fun of people) by making them believe that it is fighting with Jews, at the time when its front with Jews in Golan is quiet and in peace!
We realize that the rulers in the Muslim countries, and not only Syria, are not concerned in liberating the occupied Muslim countries from Jews, not to mention their serious thinking, mere thinking, of eliminating entity of Jews, we realize that these systems are like puppets in the hands of the Kafer colonist countries, which keeps them away from Jihad in order to eliminate entity of Jews, and leads them to fraud and misleading and imprisoning the armies in their camps to salute the honest leader! Instead of rushing out to liberate Palestine, we know that they are liars in every speech about fighting Jews or just (scratching) them, because if they really want to fight, they would have moved with their soldiers to triumph the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, while teaching Jews a lesson and make them shiver in front of its strikes, had any front been opened on them, especially from Golan, state of Jews would be about to vanish.
We realize that and know that advice and sermon is of no good with these rulers, they need to be eliminated and driven away, in this statement we address the people of power and whoever has impact to get ready and shout seriously: soldiers of Allah be ready, because this is its time, to drive away these rulers before it is too late, and before they bring more catastrophes, shame and disgrace for this nation by handing the country and the people to America and its spoiled foster child Jews state.

Oh Muslims;
It is not permitted, we swear by Allah, for these rulers to stay in control of your necks, without accounting them for their bad deeds and grave sins.
It is not permitted, we swear by Allah, for the nation -which was the best nation sent to people- to become the lowest of all nations, which the Kafer colonists have control of its affairs, and sell and buy as they wish.

Citizens of Sham, people of the good blessed land, people of the center of Islam, you whom Rasulallah had praised, so be worthy of his praise, (saw), eliminate this deceitful treacherous system, which is not ashamed of Allah or His Rasul and the believers, return the state of Islam, the state of the Rashidi Khilafah, so that your Khalifah would lead your army, and bring back glory to Islam and Muslims, and disgrace Kufur and Kuffar, destroy entity of Jews and return Palestine completely to the Islamic lands, then you will be again;

((خَيْرَ أُمَّةٍ أُخْرِجَتْ لِلنَّاسِ تَأْمُرُونَ بِالْمَعْرُوفِ وَتَنْهَوْنَ عَنِ الْمُنْكَرِ وَتُؤْمِنُونَ بِاللَّهِ))
"Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong and believe on Allah." [Al-Imran: 110]

((وَبَشِّرِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ))
“So proclaim the glad tidings to the Believers.” [Al-Tawbah: 112]

25 Rajab 1427 AH
19 August 2006CE

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