Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is it allowed to perform Hajj on someones behalf?

The following is a translation from Arabic.

Question: Is it allowed to make Hajj on the behalf of your parents if they were unable to perform Hajj due to illness or if they have passed away? Also is it permitted to perform it on the behalf of another Muslim due to the same reasons?

Answer: It is correct in the Sharee’ah for a son to make hajj on behalf of his father or mother who are unable to make Hajj or are not alive. This is due to the hadith narrated on the authority of Ibn ‘Abbas who said: A woman from Khath’am came to the Messenger (saw) in the year of the farewell Hajj (hijjatul wida’) and said: ‘O Messenger of Allah (saw)! The obligation of Hajj enjoined by Allah on His servants has become due on my father and he is old and weak, and he cannot sit firm on the Mount; may I perform Hajj on his behalf?" The Prophet (saw) replied, "Yes, you may.’ [Reported by Bukhari]

: عن ابن عباس قال: «جاءت امرأة من خثعم عام حجة الوداع، قالت: يارسول الله: إن فريضة الله على عباده في الحج أدركت أبي شيخاً كبيراً لا يستطيع أن يستوي على الراحلة فهل يقضي عنه أن أحج عنه؟ قال: نعم» أخرجه البخاري.

As for making hajj for other than parents i.e. another person who is ill or does not have the ability to make Hajj this is allowed due to what was reported by Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah on the authority of Ibn ‘Abbas that the Messenger (saw) heard a man say:

Labbayk (always ready to obey) on behalf of Shubrumah. He asked: Who is Shubrumah? He replied: A brother or relative of mine. He asked: Have you performed hajj on your own behalf? He said: No. He said: perform hajj on your own behalf, then perform it on behalf of Shubrumah.

عن ابن عباس أن النبي
r سمع رجلاً يقول: لبيك عن شبرمة، قال «من شبرمة؟ قال أخ لي، أو قريب لي، قال: حججت عن نفسك؟» قال: لا، قال: «حج عن نفسك ثم حج عن شبرمة»

Thus, it is allowed to make Hajj for others as long as that person has made his own Hajj first.

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