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Views on the news - 29/1/09

Britain admits its foreign policy radicalises Muslims

Since 7 July 2005, the British government and its supporters have avidly refused to blame Britain’s foreign policy for the radicalisation of its Muslim populace. But recently, the security minister told a conference in London otherwise. He said, “Tony Blair, I'm afraid, would never accept that our foreign policy actually had any impact on radicalisation. That's clearly rubbish. Gordon Brown is much clearer. The causes are so diverse. We didn't understand it, we still don't totally understand it but we actually have a far, far better understanding than we did in the past. To pretend what happens abroad has no impact is nonsense.” The minister also suggested that Israel's action in Gaza earlier this month would also hinder the Government's efforts to prevent the radicalisation of British Muslims. It is very hard to believe that the British government, which has a longstanding history of colonisation, oppression and occupation of nations and peoples now realises that there is an inconvertible link between foreign policy and radicalisation. Perhaps Brown’s sudden clarity has more in common with America’s change of tone towards Muslims under Obama.

The West and not Israel is the issue

For too long now, the diabolical behaviour of the Jewish state towards Palestinians have preoccupied Muslim minds. The Jewish state’s deeds are a synthesis of Western endeavours to divert the attention of Muslims away from their colonisation. Instead, if the Muslim masses focussed their energies on ridding their rulers and their colonialist masters from the region, the problem of Palestinian people will be resolved once and for all.

Obama seeks better colonisation of the Muslim world

Earlier this week, speaking to Al-Arabiya Television Obama told the Muslim world that America is not your enemy. The comments echo those made during the presidential inauguration, when Obama said, “To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect.” However, America’s continued silence over Gaza, and its persistent drone attacks in Pakistan’s tribal belt gravely undermine Obama’s claims of respect towards the Muslim world. On the contrary, it suggests that an arrogant America seeks nothing more than better colonialism of the Muslim world through the select appeasement of a few over the oppression of the majority. And just to prove the point, Obama launched a tirade against phantom al-Qaeda for failing to provide education and healthcare, whilst absolving the agent rulers from providing these basic services. Indeed, it is America the vanguard of capitalism that is not only intellectually and morally bankrupt, but is the new sick man of the world.

IMF: The worst economic crisis since 1940

This week the IMF again changed its economic forecast for the world economy, and announced that the present crisis is the worst since WWII. Wealthy nations will experience their worst recession in the post-war period as a financial crisis continues to spread throughout their economies, the International Monetary Fund said as it slashed its global economic forecasts. A contraction of two percent is expected in 2009, even with massive fiscal stimulus packages planned by all rich countries. "We now expect the global economy to come to a virtual halt," said Olivier Blanchard, the IMF's chief economist. This is not the first time the IMF has revised its forecast and it suggests that the IMF like the Western politicians and capitalists have no clue about the recovery—if it happens at all. The leaders of capitalism cannot even agree on the scale of the economic crisis. George Soros, who "broke the Bank of England" in the crisis of 1992, said the size of the problem facing the world's financial system is "significantly larger than in the 1930s"i.e. larger than the great depression.

Islamists in Somalia take control

On 27 Jan Al-Shabab seized the seat of the Somali parliament and said that it will establish Shariah law in the city. Al-Shabab took over Baidoa, a day after Ethiopian troops who had been propping up the government ended their two year occupation. "We will establish an Islamic administration for the town, and appeal to residents to remain calm," al-Shabab spokesman Sheik Muktar Robow said. The takeover came as Somalia's parliament meets this week in neighbouring Djibouti to elect a new president. It appears unlikely the parliamentarians will be able to return to Baidoa, 155 miles (250 kilometers) southwest of the capital. Al-Shabab, has been gaining ground as Somalia's American-backed government crumbles.

Obama follows Bush and bombs Pakistan

Since assuming office, Obama has followed Bush and bombed Pakistan’s tribal belt. With the administration terming Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan as the most pressing issue of the Obama presidency, and with the arrival of an extra 30,000 US soldiers this year in Afghanistan, the situation is bound to deteriorate. America could not have executed its war without the aid of the Pakistani leadership. During the Bush years the connivance and treachery of the Pakistani leadership reached new heights. Under Kiyani and Zardari it is expected that the betrayal will surpass the records set by Musharraf and his government.


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