Monday, June 22, 2009

Audio: Ruling belongs to Allah - a matter of Aqeeda

Audio of Khutba in English by Sheikh Abu Talha on the topic of 'Ruling belongs to Allah and not to mankind - a matter of Aqeeda':


Anonymous said...

can anyone please tell me the clear understanding regarding obeying parents? are we supposed to obey our parents in every matter except haram? can we choose not to obey them in mubahaat? im looking for the an-nabhani opinion.plz reply

Islamic Revival said...

It is obligatory to obey them in issues relating to themselves such as if they ask you to take care of them or make them food. However it is only recommended to obey them in matters relating to yourself such as the clothes you wear or person you marry. For example, Umar (ra) asked his son Abdullah to divorce his wife and Abdullah did not do that. which is a well known incident.