Wednesday, January 04, 2012

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simoom said...

Assalamu'alaikum Brother!

One of our Da'wah carrier Brother going through the below mentioned situation, please reply us quickly & in detail with evidences:

He has just married. Al'Hamdulillah the Sister is also a Da'wah carrier. The Brother lives with his Parents, married elder brother (with his wife), younger brother & sister. Sorry to say, his family members not conceptual enough nor ritualistically practicing that much. So the Brother feeling awkward in front of her wife when his brother's wife does not maintain either segregation or dress code properly & same in case of her wife. His brothers do not maintaining privacy duly which causes the Sister feel embarrassed! Moreover they have accommodation problem a bit which become tougher to solve due to financial difficulties (in case of renting bigger house). My questions are:

1) Even after Nasihah, if his family members do not rectify their attitude, is it allowed for the Brother & Sister to dissociate from their family members (i.e. to rent a separate house for themselves)?

2) Is it justified with Shari'ah that when someone not capable to bear expenses of renting a bigger house to live along with his relatives, he can live separately with his wife to prevent any violation of Shari'ah?

3) Which would be the dress code & level of mixing of the Sister with his brothers & of him to his brother's wife?

4) If the family members causes psychological torture upon the couple due to their involvement with Da'wah & even not allow the sister to go out of their house for Da'wah, then what is the Islamic ruling on such case?

Anonymous said...

Excellent Speach..
Jazakallah brother.

Islamic Revival said...

@simoom: Sorry for the delay in responding, this site is not intended as a q&a site as we don't have the resources in order to fulfil that. We therefore advise for any urgent questions to ask any trustworthy faqih that you know of.

In response to your questions:

1) It is permissible for a man to move out of his family home and live separately with his wife. This may become obligatory if his family oppress his wife and stop her from engaging in the da'wah.

2) It is permissible for the reason mentioned or any other for a man to move out of his family home to his own house as long as his parents are being looked after.

3) Women must cover their awrah in front of their brother in-laws as they are non-mahrem to them i.e. everything apart from the face and the hands. Inside the house they are not obliged to wear the jilbaab, however they should wear loose fitting clothes that cover the awrah completely.

4) A man must intervene with his family and do his best to stop any oppression against his wife that violates the shariah.