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CMO of HT & Media Office in Wilayah of Syria, about the Latest Developments of the Revolution of Syria Al-Sham

Media office
H. 14 Safar 1434
M. 2012/12/28
No:1434 AH /09
Press Release

The Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
Holds a Press Conference with the Media Office in Wilayah of Syria,
about the Latest Developments of the Revolution of Syria Al-Sham

On Thursday 27 December 2012, the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir invited media representatives to attend a press conference, convened by Hisham Al-Baba, the director of the Hizb ut Tahrir Media Office Wilayah of Syria. The following is a summary of the main ideas presented during that conference:

- The latest plots against the Syrian Revolution were hatched when America, realizing the inevitability of the fall of its agent Bashar and the failure of its previous plots, sent its envoy Lakhdar Brahimi on one last mission to promote a political solution (as they claim) to retain Al-Assad with the formation of a transitional government that would enable America to take control in shaping the post-Assad regime, thereby aborting the revolution of Al-Sham and preventing the establishment of the Khilafah state. This malignant American plan exposes how obstinately America holds on to the old regime and its hostility towards the revolution of Al-Sham and the Muslim Ummah, and thereby, this plan gave a final green light for the continuing death and destruction, and added to that the criminal regime's survival with Bashar the murderer at its head, without any legal accountability or legitimacy and completely free to continue the killing, torture and destruction.

- America is behind the survival of the murderous Bashar in power, and behind his crimes against our people, and behind Russia and Iran in providing the Syrian regime with offensive weapons of death and destruction, and behind the Arab League and the envoys and agents that were sent by it, and behind the complacency of the OIC that slumbers while the issues of the Muslims are in the balance, and behind the United Nations Organization and its "In-Security Council" ... and indeed were it not for America, Bashar would not survive as the protector of Israel - safe in the world, despite his utter rejection by the people of Syria; a rejection with no parallel in history.

- So now it is time to put matters right, as outlined in the following points:

1. Refusal of foreign intervention, regardless of who that foreigner is or the nature of his intervention; because he believes in capitalist, disbelieving and promiscuous ideas, and it is not legitimate to refer to his judgement.

2. Total rejection of Lakhdar Brahimi's initiative, and his expulsion from the pure land of Sham, because he works as an agent inspired by America; his past is white according to them but black to the Muslims, and all who sit with him, or his likes, are considered traitors to Allah and His Messenger and his religion and the affairs of the Muslims.

3. Beware of the rulers of the Muslim world; because, without exception, they are all agents and lackeys of the disbelieving capitalist West, especially those who pretend they are with the revolution, for they are lackeys of the West just like the rest, and the West's devious plan is to distribute roles among them.

4. Beware of the satellite TV channels, both the foreign ones that are Arab-speaking, and the Arabic ones that hypocritically pretend to support the revolution in order to affect its course and deviate it from its proper Islamic path so as to be tainted with subservience to the West .

5. Rejection of the propaganda calling for a Civil State, which is based upon secularism and the call for democracy, and this is forbidden in and contrary to Islam.

6. Beware of secularists from our fellow Muslims who were brought up on the ideas of the West and its way of living and thinking, and who unwittingly are the enemies of Islam, especially after they understood Islam according to the mould of the West's way of understanding religion.

7. Beware of the call to resort to the judgement or intervention of the United Nations and the UN Security Council and similar suspect organizations affiliated with them; they are all tools in the hands of the West to colonize our lands, and to interfere in our affairs, and impose international, un-Islamic laws upon us.

8. It behoves the Islamic Ummah to embrace the revolution of Al-Sham and support it by all available means, for what occurred in this revolution warrants soul-felt hunger for the continuation of its Islamic character, while the whole world conspires against it in order to erase its Islamic character. Therefore, it is imperative for all the Muslims to support it.

9. Immediate action to restore the dignity of human beings, and restore the legitimate rights to its people, and punish the criminals according to the provisions of Islamic law fairly, by virtue of a court and without confusing between the innocent and the criminal. And the prevention of collective punishment under any excuse or pressing circumstance.

10. To grant support to Hizb ut Tahrir in its struggle to establish the Khilafah state in Syria-Sham, and to give allegiance to a Khalifah on the basis of ruling by the Islamic Shariah. The Khilafah state would implement Islam in its entirety from the very first day of the swearing in of the Khalifah of the Muslims; there is no transitional stage as they claim, as well it will be extended to all the Muslim countries, by the will of Allah the Almighty.

We in Hizb ut Tahrir bring you glad tidings that the revolution of Al-Sham will continue until the complete collapse of the regime, from top to bottom, is achieved, and until victory is achieved, and there is no victory without arbitration by the law of Allah, and the establishment of the Righteous Khilafah with Allah's help, and we ask Allah Almighty that Al-Sham will be the heart of the Khilafah.

Osman Bakhach
Director of Central Media Office Hizb ut Tahrir
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