Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Analysis about the appointment of Ghassan Hitto to begin the formation of a transitional government in Syria

The formation of the government (transitional) reflects the struggle inside the ‘National Alliance’ which in turn reflects the US and European struggle in regards to the situation in Syria.

This is in the case where a large number of the members of the ‘Syrian Alliance’ are influenced by the Europeans via Qatar and Saudi whilst the others at the head of which is Mu’aadh Al-Khateeb completely represent the American interests just like the ruler of Damascus is under the American influence.

The appointment of Ghassan Hitto to form a transitional government representing the alliance came as an expression of the European direction represented by Qatar and Saudi as they wish to cut out all possibilities of making a deal that would lead to the current ruling regime remaining in Damascus as a result of dialogue after the failure of murder and destruction in achieving that. And this European direction differs from the American direction that refused the formation of a transitional government made by one side as this means in its view the reliance upon the policy of the dominating and the dominated meaning the war reaching its conclusion with the downfall of the entire regime.

America does not want this as it wants the regime to continue all be it with a change of faces so that its interests and influence can remain through the security and military apparatus which since some time the opposition has requested via a Pentagon statement to be kept intact by until the time that the regime collapses.

This is the struggle that made Mu’aadh over the last days threaten to resign. And I do not imagine that America in the current stage will accept the formation of a government made by one side and will work to cause the failure of this European effort which desires the fall of Bashar’s regime in its entirety so that those who are agents to Europe can take hold of Syria which will lead to a change in the strategic balance in the region in favour of Europe.

The Western Kaafir States are competing for us as if we were a piece of cake or a bowl like what was mentioned in the famous Hadeeth of the Nabi (saw). This is whilst we by the favour of Allah and the firm determination of the believers struggle against the west in its entirety to liberate our lands and our Ummah from its influence and domination. So it is not permitted for us to remain like a ‘Bowl of food’ or a place for their competition but rather we must work to return that which is capable of struggling with great power and which will make their lands and not ours the field of struggle as it had always been and so that this matter can be made right.

This government will never be successful whether it has come by the will of one side to represent the Europeans or if it came as a result of dialogue with the regime to represent both the Europeans and Americans. These conspiracies which are attempting to steal away their revolution and wipe it out will be made to fail by the people of Ash-Shaam and the believing revolutionaries of Ash-Shaam will never accept replacing loyalty to one disbeliever with a loyalty to another disbeliever or the replacement of one agent with another.

By Mundhir Abdullah from inside Syria
Translated from arabic

Source: www.fb.com/alkhilafah

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