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Q&A: The axis in Syria involved in the struggle by Sheikh Ata’ Abu Rashtah

The following is a translation of an answer posted on the official Facebook page of Sheikh Ata' Abu Rashtah:

‎العالم عطاء بن خليل أبو الرشتة ata abu-alrashtah‎

The axis in Syria involved in the struggle


To our Ameer, is this page specific to Fiqhi matters and if it is not so then I have the following question:

It is noticeable in the war that is occurring in the land of Ash-Shaam (greater Syria) that there exists a number of regional axes in addition to the axis of two main states. 1) The Saudi axis and the key to the work in it is Ash-Sheikh Al-'Ar'oor and he has for example the Liwaa Al-Islaam (brigade) in Dumaa and he was in the act of forming the joint military command with Tayfoor (of the Muslim brotherhood). 2) The Qatari axis: In addition to containing the Syrian national alliance it has  worked as an obstacle from the beginning to the national council and has supported the national  coordination (council) and has therefore adopted to support the Syrian Liberation front. It has more than one key the most significant of which is Azmi Bashaarah. 3) The Turkish axis: It is dedicated to stabilizing the fragile internal scales of balance, its eye is on the Kurdish issue firstly and then democracy in Syria secondly and it represents the axis maintaining the international borders and American policy. 4) The Jordanian axis: It appears that it is in clear opposition to the Turkish axis. This is because there has been many attempts to form what has been termed a 'National army' in Jordan however Turkey and America have caused it to fail through their communications with specific army officers including from them Mustafa Ash-Sheikh (this is in spite of the continual presence with the American intelligence agencies and defense department in meetings held in Jordon). 5) The Kuwait axis: By way of Islamic organizations and people: They have formed mainly under the title of 'Ahraar Ash-Shaam' and they worked to win over many and particularly in Ash-Shaam. And on the international level you have the American Axis and then the English and French axis. And all of this is related to the opposition. And the question is: What is the shape of the struggle that is occurring? And what is the shape of the region in terms of allegiance? And what are the main axis in the struggle? And what is the solution that each party wishes to achieve?
Jazaakallahu Khairan.


To Al-Faatih Al-Jadeed:

You have asked whether this page is for political, intellectual or Fiqhi matters..
Dear brother, this page is for the purpose of every goodness that can be gained through communication and as such no question from any topic from amongst the topics that hold goodness is prevented InshaAllah.

As for your question related to the axes that are involved in the Syrian struggle, then the issue is explained as follows:

1) The effective political influence since the era of Hafiz and Bashar is the American influence and this regime would work to accomplish the American interests in the region and act to preserve the Jewish entity and not only in regards to what was occupied in 1948 but also in regards to the Golan that was occupied in 1967.

2) When the peoples popular movement occurred in Syria and escalated and Bashar became unable to return matters to what they had been, America realized that its agents rule was collapsing and its priority became related to guaranteeing an agent replacement in its place. So it seriously worked and strove resulting in the establishment of the Syrian national council and then the alliance... However it was unable to establish roots for these councils inside Syria and began to fear that the revolutionaries would be able to bring down the Tyrant before an alternative had been nurtured and as a result a power that is not aligned to America would emerge.

3) So it began to give one grace period followed by another and another to Bashar with fruitless non-decisive projects via the Arab league and United Nations. So it formed a monitoring committee that was unable to even protect themselves, then (international/regional) meetings one following another here and there which came to know decisions and merely gave more time for her to sell who manufactured opposition group outside Syria so that the people inside would accept them as rulers.   

4) What surprised America was that Islamic emotions and feelings dominated the internal situation, whether this was represented by those who held awareness of the Islamic thoughts and its ruling or those who were not aware. America was also shaken by the calls of the people for the establishment of the Khilafah whilst the secular voices were almost completely lost despite the extensive efforts of the media to focus on them!

5) This environment has struck fear in to the heart of America and its allies and they fear that matters will slip out of their hands and as such they have began to focus on three matters or areas:

The first: Giving the green light to Bashar to kill and oppress in the greatest manner possible so as to pressure the people inside Syria to accept those America has manufactured outside Syria and thereafter to bring in these puppets to establish a secular civil rule in Syria i.e. a change of faces whilst the main foundations of the regime remain in place.

Secondly: Then if they are unable to successfully sell their manufactured opposition by using the massacres of Bashar as leverage then it is expected that they will resort to international intervention to bring its chosen government and excuses and arguments for this theatre will be raised when the time necessitates. However due to the large number of its problems and its internal and foreign crises it has placed the intervention to the back of its projected plans. And it will not resort to it unless the first plan mentioned above has failed.

Thirdly: Through this period of time the destruction of the land has reached such a level that even if Islam was able to win over the rule in Syria then it would be a land which has been destroyed and turned to ruins which America and her allies believe will make the Ummah despair and unable to move towards revival and productive activity. However America and every one of the enemies of Islam do not perceive the greatness of this Ummah because within it are the toughest of men who will build the land in spite of the wishes of the oppressors, and who will increase the laying of its seeds despite the plots of the hypocrites. And this Ummah has taken on their like before: The crusaders and the Tartars who spread corruption, death and destruction in the land and despite this the Ummah comprehensively overcame them and expelled them and their influence completely so that they became nothing but a trace as if they had never held any worth whilst the Ummah returned to life from anew, destroying its enemies and dealing with them in ways that they could not account for, becoming the best Ummah raise up from mankind:

You are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah . If only the People of the Scripture had believed, it would have been better for them. Among them are believers, but most of them are defiantly disobedient. (Aali 'Imraan 110).

6) The above is in regards to America... As for Russia, Turkey, Iran and its allies in Lebanon then these represent the front lines of America providing Bashar with weapons and support. They warm up the stage and cool it in accordance to the American plans. It is within this context that the last meeting between the American foreign secretary of state and the Russian foreign minister took place, which was for passing time and closer to jargon than the making of decisions.

7) As for Europe, it is attempting to make trouble through its agents and in particular Qatar and Jordan knowing that America does not give them any weight so she has let Europe, their master make efforts behind her. So after America went to Russia and held meetings with her in relation to Syria thus neglecting and sidelining the European role, the British Prime Minister went to Russia tracking the American steps to see if there is anything that he can discover whilst taking care to show that Britain has a role in the issue. The position of France is not different from that except that the sounds coming from France are raised aloud whilst the sounds from Britain are lower showing subtlety and hiding its dirtiness, whilst the result is one and the same in terms of neither having an effective role in Syria.

8) What remains to be discussed is the axis of the Ummah and the movement inside Syria which is as follows:

A minority who are submissive to the western culture, imprinted with its thoughts and concepts, they say what they say and call for a secular democratic state which separates the Deen from life's affairs. Then there is another group which is larger in number than this minority and carries more weight. They are Muslims whose eyes are covered, they love Islam and want the Khilafah yearning for the flag of the Messenger (saw). However they do not announce openly that which they love and that which they want out of fear of provoking the western colonial states and they do not raise the flag of Islam out of fear of instigating nationalist counter claims.

The group that calls for Islam is divided into two groups:

The first group that utilizes material actions (i.e. armed struggle) and calls for the rule of Islam however this group does not possess the correct and complete awareness of the Islamic thoughts and its rules and how they are applied upon the current realities.

And a group that is truthful and sincere who want the Islamic rule 'The rightly guided Khilafah' in accordance to the methodology that the Messenger of Allah (saw) proceeded with and so they seek the Nusrah from its qualified (capable) people.

My dear brother, in all of our actions we stick to the method of the Messenger (saw) and we place down the straight line against the crooked. We demonstrate the Haqq and call and urge people to and upon it. This is not only in Ash-Shaam but there are actions that we perform in other regions and in particular in those lands that are neighboring Ash-Shaam. InshaAllah these are actions that have been seen and we ask Allah (swt) to aid us and grant us Tawfeeq.

In conclusion, America and her allies are preparing deals to guarantee the well-being of the tyrannical rule and to place grim faces in replacement to those which are blacker and darker whilst the secular foundations of the Republican system remains standing. They are expending their efforts to delay the coming ruling by Islam in Ash-Shaam as the ruling by Islam signifies that the disbelievers and hypocrites will perish along with their followers and cronies. Therefore it is obligatory upon the Ummah to not allow them to achieve their evil goals and for the Ummah to hold firmly upon the Haqq and to make a covenant with Allah upon that they will never accept any alternative to the Khilafah, that they will not submit to the manufactured leaders made by the enemies of Islam in the form of a transitional or temporary government. They are governments that sing in their praise and conspire against Islam and the Muslims just like the disbelieving colonialists and hypocrites. So no National Council that came first, no Syrian alliance that came after and no Hito for the future can bring any goodness to this Ummah as they are all upon the methodology of America and its allies.

Your brother Ata' bin Khalil Abu Ar-Rashtah

8th Rajab, 1434
18th May, 2013

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