Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dialogue Session Held by Hizb ut-Tahrir with Several Journalists in Jordan

A number of journalists in Jordan responded to the invitation from the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir Wilayah of Jordan to attend a dialogue session. The Head of the Media Office attended and participated in the event, in addition to members of the Media Office; the Head of the Central Contacts Committee, Brother Ali Al-Smadi, and the Head of the Political Office, Engineer Assem Al-Maghair.
In this dialogue session the party clarified for the journalists, that there are legitimate (Shari') conditions that must be met in the state for it to be described as an Islamic state; namely that the State applies the rulings of Islam, and that its security is in the hands of the Muslims alone. The party pointed out that any claim by any side that does not have a real and stable authority on the ground that it had established a state, that claim is far from the truth, and does not have any consideration in Islam.
The party also pointed out the strength and the magnitude of the international and regional conspiracy on the blessed revolution of Ash-Sham in order to abort it for fear of the project which it carries, namely the Khilafah state. It also pointed out that Hizb ut Tahrir is a political party that does not undertake any material actions to achieve its purpose, not in Ash-Sham, nor in any place on earth.
In talking about the Jordan's economic problem, the party showed that the capitalist system applied in the country from its nature creates economic crises, and its inevitable consequences are poverty, unemployment and corruption. There is no remedy for the problem in Jordan but the return of Jordan to its origins from which it was stripped, and to be in the shade of Islam's rulings in which the economic system solves the problem from the root. It also indicated that eradicating corruption, stopping the looting of public money and the exploitation of the wealth will ease the suffering of the people, but there is a political decision for the impoverishment of the country.
Concerning the draft law amending the Prevention of Terrorism Act, the party indicated that this law is only an extension of the American war on Islam and Muslims and to fight those working for the return of the Ummah's sole legal political entity. It pointed out that this law will affect all; journalists, preachers, party members and protestors supporting Muslims issues, stressing that Muslims in Jordan should work to not to pass this law.
Commenting on the death of Judge Raed Zuaytir who was killed by a Jewish soldier at the Al-Karama crossing, and the regime's repressive measures in dealing with the aftermath of the killing of Judge Raed Zuaytir; the Head of the Media Office said the assault of the regime's security forces is only a certificate of good conduct provided by the regime in Jordan to the Jewish entity, and that such repression in front of the Embassy of this entity confirms that the benefits of Wadi Araba Convention dictated on the system to protect the usurping Jewish entity who became a friendly state under this convention. He emphasized that the people of Jordan should work to force the regime in Jordan on the abrogation of the treaty of humiliation and shame, Wadi Araba, and the declaration of a state of war that should be the natural state with the Jewish entity.
Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah of Jordan
Tuesday, 10th Jumada I 1435 AH
11/03/2014 CE
No: 22/35

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