Saturday, March 12, 2016

Attempts of Intimidation Only Makes Muslims Stand Firm

On Monday the 7th of March, it was “breaking news” that the city council of Aarhus (second largest city of Denmark), decided to withdraw the approval and support of a large central mosque. A project that has been on the way for 17 years. The reason was a several-episode “documentary” that, by use of hidden cameras and moles, “exposed” how imams in different mosques taught in Shariah and gave Islamic advice.
The documentary has caused much disturbance in Denmark, and raised a new debate about Islam and Shariah. Danish politicians have stumbled over each other to come with new measurements to avoid the rise of Islamic awareness among Muslims.
Among the proposal have been “exit-programs” as for bikers and gang members. A certification of imams, to ensure that they conform to secular democratic values. More offers for young Muslims who want to run away from home. A strong call to young Muslims to rebel against their parents and Islam and other proposals alike.
These proposals are not new, and the current stir is not about the so-called documentary, but rather about raising a new attack on Islam and Muslims. An attempt to put pressure on the Mosques to stop talking about Islam, so future generations can grow up empty of the Islamic ideology.
Several things could be learned from this, and here is a short list with a few of them:
  • There is no “moderate” and “extreme” Islam, there is just Islam, and Muslims abide by it.
  • Mosques should be independent from governmental funds, and speak the truth no matter the consequences.
  • The last decade of attempts to assimilate and intimidate Muslims, have completely failed.
  • The young generation of Muslims is even more aware of-and abiding to Islam, than the generation before them.
  • The “benefit” for Islam and the Muslims, is where Islam defines it to be and nowhere else.
  • It only and always pays to speak the truth both in public and in private.
  • Muslims should increase their contact with non-Muslims, to inform them of Islam, free from Islamophobic propaganda.
The purpose of intimidating Muslims to abandon, or at least be silent of Islam and Shariah as a complete solution, has again failed heavily. In turbulent times like these, Muslims have again and again showed that they will stand for Islam and that pressure only makes them hold fast even stronger.

Junes Kock
Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Scandinavia

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Michael Duffy said...

i agree whole heartedly! Muslims must engage non muslims to spread the words. To challenge the status quo. To win hearts, minds, and public opinion. I imagine massive conversions - if Muslims supervise, tutor, get involved one on one - for who can deny truth? passion?