Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Algeria Gives Victory to the Arabic Language

Since the Minister of National Education in Algeria Nouria bin Gabrit made statements in the summer of 2015 about the need to integrate colloquial language in schools, Algeria has been bustling in reactions. The most apparent being the popular lists of petition signatories, whose signatories ask for the abolition of the French language in education. Moreover the public response was decisive and sweeping... This conflict has once again resurfaced at the beginning of this school year, when a video went viral of a teacher who was praising and beautifying the Arabic language to her students that made the ministers and secularists fly into a rage and make vows to take tough measures
Indeed, it is the whimsical Francophone lobby, the isolated, outcast, anomalous, whose decline, degradation and tension are proven everyday... It is the great Algeria which embraces the Ummah’s natural project; the Islamic doctrine and the System from which it emanates. The conviction of the people of Algeria are clearly visible that Islam is sufficient and adequate to establish a society of truth, justice and righteousness, and the only thing that Algeria and the Ummah need is the prestigious Islamic state... the Khilafah state (Caliphate) on the method of Prophethood to finally resolve the cultural and civilizational battle…
We are truly proud of the sweeping reactions of our people in Algeria which have surprised France, as Algeria is always the land of goodness and surprises…
It is a shame on those countries based in the Muslim world not to teach the children of the Ummah the Arabic language, whereas other countries that are weak in almost deserted languages do so… The fact of the matter is that the Arabic language is the language of the Quran that is prosperous both written and spoken, and which its study is considered a form of worship… the many centuries are witness to its ability in absorbing all that is new…

Ridha Bel Hadj
Member of the Central Media Office

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