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Dutch enlightenment or decadence

On 13/3/2008 the English Newspaper Telegraph reported that Dutch officials were planning to permit gay sex in public at Amsterdam’s famous Vondelpark. The only restriction placed on this immoral activity is that it should not occur near children’s play areas and should only take place in the evening. The park attracts 30,000 visitors a day and more than likely these visitors will have be forced to tolerate such behaviour. This is not the first time that the Dutch have allowed decadent acts to be performed in public. In 2000 prostitution was fully legalized, and later cannabis was sold openly in coffee shops. The government justifies the presence of such immoral acts based on liberalism, despite the corruption it causes in society. Liberalism and decadence are twin sisters that will always lead to the destruction of any society. This is the same liberalism the West wants to impose on the Muslim world to ensure that her sons and daughters fall prey to such evil acts.

Britain unveils terror strategy

On 19/3/2008, British Prime Minster Gordon Brown unveiled his new security strategy. The strategy essentially consists of two parts, both geared towards fighting Islam under the guise of international terrorism. On the domestic front, Brown announced that the number of spies would be increased. He justified it by stating that international terrorism remained the main threat to Britain and that the security services were aware of 30 specific plots, monitoring 200 different networks and 2,000 individuals. On the international front, Brown announced the establishment of 1,000-member civilian rapid-reaction force to be deployed in countries abroad. He said, ‘‌Again, a lesson learned from recent conflicts ranging from Rwanda and Bosnia to Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia, is to create a standby international civilian capability so that for fragile and failing states we can act quickly and comprehensively by combining humanitarian, peacekeeping, stabilization, reconstruction support that these countries need.’‌ The strategy is a clear signal for Britain‘s Muslim community and Muslims abroad that Britain‘s foremost enemy for the foreseeable future is Islam.

Opening up Arabian Peninsula to Christianity

On 18/302008 the BBC reported that the Vatican was in talks with Saudi Arabia about the possibility of establishing Churches to cater for Christians worship in the country. Speaking about the issue, Father Federico Lombardi the Spokesman for Pope Benedict said,’‌ If we manage to obtain authorization for the construction of the first church, it will be an outcome of historic dimensions.’‌ The talks come in the wake of the inauguration of Qatar‘s first Church, which opened last week. Qatar plans to construct a further four churches to satisfy demands imposed by Western countries to permit Qatar‘s burgeoning Christian population to worship publicly. The rulers of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf having placed the oil and gas fields in the hands of the Western colonialists, collaborated with crusaders in slaughtering Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq, are now opening up the Arabian Peninsula to adherents of other religions to establish places of worship. This trend violates the practice the famous hadith of the messenger (saw) of Allah: ‘There shall not be two religions together in the Arabian Peninsula .’‌

Bush again declares victory in Iraq

On 19/3/2008 President George W. Bush said that he had no regrets about the unpopular war in Iraq despite the "high cost in lives and treasure" and declared that the United States was on track for victory. In 2003, Bush stood on the USS Abraham Lincoln under a banner reading ‘Mission Accomplished’, which later proved to be premature. Despite the war costing the United States $500 billion and nearly 4,000 U.S. deaths, the US is nowhere near in accomplishing its political objectives for Iraq . The US has failed to dismember Iraq , quash the Iraqi resistance, and significantly increase the output of oil. Furthermore, the US has miserably failed to use Iraq as a model to spread democracy and freedom across the Middle East .

Battle field wins that fail to materialize into political gains cannot be equated with victory. In American political circles it is an establish fact that the US will have to continue its occupation of Iraq for decades. The Republican nominee McCain understood this point well; when he said that American troops will have to stay in Iraq for 100 years.



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