Friday, December 02, 2005

Questions of the fast

As I feel hunger and thirst, I ponder
Upon what path do I tread?
Is it simply to abstain from bread?
Am I of those whose bellies are empty but deeds remain unchanged?
Of those whose obedience is temporary
Vanishing upon the cry of the Mu’azzin on the day of celebration?
Am I truly willing to accept the need for reformation?
Will this Ramadhan be like the others?
Passing in the blink of an eye
Having no time to cry, to ask for true repentance from my Lord
Or will I realise the purpose for which I abstain from food?
That fasting is only part of the good
That the Lord of the worlds is not reliant on us
Rather we rely upon Him
That all this is in vain, if we go against the grain of what He revealed in this very month
The guidance and light for humanity
Let me put aside my vanity
And submit not only with prayer and recitation
But with sincerity and application

1st Ramadhan 2004

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