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The Baghdad Conference is intended to save the US and not meant to salvage Iraq!

The following is a translation of the Arabic leaflet:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Baghdad Conference is intended to save the US and not meant to salvage Iraq! Participation of the neighbouring countries, especially Syria and Iran infuriates the Muslim sentiments

Through its protégé Nuri al Maliki, the US has called for a conference tomorrow the 10th of March 2007 in Baghdad to be attended by the neighbouring countries and by the members of the UN Security Council, in order to give a semblance of credibility at the regional and international level. This is not a direct negotiation between the United States, that has asked for this conference and Iran and Syria who have responded positively, The proclaimed aim of the conference is the so-called “Achieving peace for the people of Iraq”. But the true and hidden intention, which is now so obvious, is to salvage the US from its doom and to ensure that the US continues to pursue its old agenda of a New Middle East in its every detail.

In order that the Ummah appreciates the matter correctly, we intend to go back a little in time:

The fact of the matter is that the when the United States occupied Iraq and sent in the former Iraqi opposition from outside before its armoured tanks and even later, it was meant to consolidate America’s position there and hoped that this opposition will prepare a launching point for the US policy from Iraq to the entire region, and thereby America will have an unchallenged monopoly over the region’s resources, especially the petroleum resources and the region’s strategic location. Further Iraq will then act as a barrier against the unity of the Ummah and an obstacle in the path of the state of Khilafah al Rashidah.

But as it happened, the great resistance in Iraq took a heavy toll on the US ability to think and comprehend, which was further impaired as the number of US soldiers killed kept rising by day. America responded by committing horrendous crimes against civilians and prison inmates, even against stones and trees, to the extent that it forced even those who had hitherto blindly followed America to thick and consider departing their ways with it. It then resorted to ignite the conflict between the Shias and Sunnis by exploding a bomb in one place and following with another bomb in the other’s place, or in a shopping mall here and another shopping mall there….

All this could not save America from its eventual peril, it only deepened and widened it! America had no escape left and no place to escape to, except to ask its protégés to act as a barrier and save the US. The protégés mission was to find an escape route for their master, so that the US could continue to hold on to its occupation, persist in launching its New Middle East plan to solve this hot region’s problems in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Iran. All this they aimed to achieve by gathering their pawns and agents around a round table in a conference like the infamous Madrid Conference.
Gathering these protégé rulers in a conference required a particular situation… which was provided by the hostilities in Lebanon in July, but the victory of the Islamic resistance frustrated the American plan- it could not gather these rulers anymore, neither on a round table nor a square one!

Meanwhile America’s difficulties were increasing in Iraq, and so was the death toll of its soldiers there. The ground under its feet was getting too hot to be tenable, this is when the announcement of the Baker-Hamilton report was made, and as we have said earlier, it is not by chance that the Baker-Hamilton committee having already spelled out the problems many months ago, its report is being made public at a time when the military debacle is clearly visible; both in its assault in Iraq as well as the July hostilities in Lebanon. This document came about to change the course of American policy for shaping the region, but this time under a new garb of ‘diplomatic campaign’ instead of military campaign, as the report termed it.

The report of this committee dwelt at length on the role of neighbouring countries, particularly Syria and Iran, and commented: “The United States must shape working relations with Syria and Iran in an attempt to secure their commitment for the policies concerning Iraq and other regional issues. Similarly, the US must consider incentives as well as sanctions in order to ensure the desired results, it must also explore ways to repeat the same cooperation it received from Iran in Afghanistan for the situation in Iraq.”

It was clear for the members of the committee from both the parties, Democratic as well as the Republican that Bush will not be able carry the report, but it had to draft its recommendations, especially those concerning Iran and Syria, as it will not be palatable for the people in these countries to accept their participation in a conference aimed at salvaging and rescuing America from its doom in Iraq and that too when the US is overtly hostile with Iran and Syria. Therefore what we witnessed and heard is that America ‘agreed’ to participate in the conference with these two countries on their ‘request’ and not vice-versa; and that Syria and Iran accepted the invitation of Nuri al-Maliki and not the US to attend the conference, as if Nuri al-Maliki has the authority to invite them to the conference without the consent of America!

This conference is a step of the Baker-Hamilton document, which in reality is an instantly-killing poison though laced with fake cream, which the rulers are using to make this conspiracy accepted by the people.

Oh Muslims!
Be aware that this conference is designed to rescue America from its inevitable doom in Iraq, to consolidate its occupation and to provide a secure and conducive atmosphere to realise its oft-repeated dream of the New Middle East through political means after having exhausted and failed in realising the dream through military means. Remember that America is doomed and it is the duty of this Ummah to intensify this peril for its enemy and not to rescue it by using all the means at our disposal in serving American interests. In fact any kind of assistance being provided to America in this regard amounts to treachery against Islam and Muslims. The enemy has committed grave crimes in annihilating lives, abusing the honour and violating the sanctities of our mosques and holy places……

Oh Muslims!
It is the absence of the Muslims’ Khilafah that unites them on truth that is the real cause of downfall of the Ummah and others uniting and pouncing upon it. If only there were a Khaleefah who would gather the soldiers of this Ummah and call upon the people to liberate every part of the Islamic land that is under occupation through battles and not through gathering its rulers as is being done today to consolidate the American occupation of Iraq and ensuring the enemy’s security.

Hizb ut-Tahrir warns the rulers in the Muslim lands, especially in Syria and Iran not to tread the path of this conference to rescue the enemy from its doom in Iraq and thereby consolidate its hold there and launch its agenda of the New Middle East which aims to further tear apart the region.

Those who side with the enemies of Allah (swt) and believe that these enemies will protect them and their hold on power, let them realise, that if they still have their perception right, that after they have played their role in the service of the Kafir colonialists, they will be eliminated by them just as those before them. Their fate will be no better than humiliation in this world itself and of course the punishment of the hereafter will be even more severe:

ولعذاب الآخرة أكبر لو كانوا يعلمون

“But greater is the Punishment of the Hereafter, if they only knew!” [TMQ 39:26]

Hizb ut-Tahrir

19th of Safar 1428 A.H
9th March, 2007 C.E

Arabic source

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