Thursday, April 19, 2007

New book by Sheikh Ata’ Abu Al-Rishta on Tafseer

The latest book by Sheikh Ata’ Abu Al-Rishta entitled 'Teyseer fi usul at-tafseer - Surah al-Baqarah' (To make understanding the principles of Tafseer [exegises] easier - Surah al-Baqarah) is now available to download in Arabic from the Sheikh's website:


Anonymous said...


Isnt there an English Translation?

Abu Ismael al-Beirawi said...

There is no english translation at the moment as the book only recently came out.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't this book been out at least 10 years, as I remember reading excerpts of it from a Phd work that was written at least 10 years ago!

Abu Ismael al-Beirawi said...

It was published in 2007, however it may have existed in a draft form before that or parts of it may have, I don't know.

Allahu Alim

Anonymous said...

The wikipedia entry for Abu Rashta can be found at

Anonymous said...


I was asked about who has given ijazah to the scholars in the hizb including sheik atta. Please could you help me with this information.


Islamic Revival said...


Ijaza is a tradition and not a requirement for scholarship, as it is not based on textual evidence.

However many of the scholars of the hizb also have the traditional Ijaza

You can see details of some of them from:

Sheikh Ata had approval from Sheikh Abdul Qadeem Zalloom and Sheikh Taqiuddin an-Nabhani, whose scholarship are well known in fact he was his assistant Sheikh Abdul Qadeem.

Anonymous said...


in the book, "Thinking", the sheikh writes on page 104, that it is possible for one to be knowledgable enough to make istinbat but not ijtihad. Please could you clarify this statement and what level of study is required to attain at least this level of making istinbat?