Saturday, September 08, 2007

Fighting corruption

The following is from The Daily Star, Bangladesh:

Corruption is an age-old phenomenon which needs to be addressed in a practical way. During the Caliphate of Hazrat Umar (R) one tax collector brought two bags and placed them in front of him saying one is for the Baitul Mal (govt. treasury) and the other for him. When asked how he obtained the bags for himself, the tax collector replied that the people donated the money willingly. The Caliph dismissed the man and asked him to go to the people now for donation (after losing the job) and deposited both the bags to the treasury. So corruption was there in every age in different forms and shape but it is the duty of the head of the govt. to see that his administration remains free of corrupt people.

It is sad that people who are placed very high in our government and in society are corrupt tax evaders. These people are also coming in front of camera, talking about the country, shedding tears for the welfare of the people and what not! They are seen distributing relief materials among the flood victims. What a joke!

Writing volumes in the newspapers and inventing theories of corruption, and how to fight it, will not yield any results!

Commodore AMA Alam (Retd.) BN, New DOHS, Dhaka


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