Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sarkozy wants to upgrade France’s ties with Britain

On 27/3/2008 the English newspaper ‘The Independent’ reported: Nicolas Sarkozy, has recast himself in the mould of statesman, laying down an ambitious vision of "a new Franco-British brotherhood for the 21st century" in which the two countries could unite to influence the world. Calling for an "entente amicale" to replace the 104-year-old entente cordiale alliance, he urged Britain to take its place at the heart of Europe. Sarkozy. Addressing a joint session of both Houses of Parliament, Sarkozy said, “By uniting our strengths and determination we can contribute to the emergence of a new globalization – freer, fairer, more responsible, more just. Together we are necessarily stronger than standing side by side, let alone standing against one another…” Indeed, over the past few years, Britain and France have been cooperating with each other to frustrate America’s plans from transpiring in Chad, Sudan , Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan . The two countries are also competing with the US in providing nuclear energy to third world countries. In any case, it remains to be seen whether or not, Britain and France can deepen their collaborative efforts to further undermine America’s primacy in the world.

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