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Part 4: “Fasting Elevates” by Imam al-`Izz Ibn `Abd Al-Salam

Part 4:
“Fasting Elevates the Rank”
– Imam al-`Izz Ibn `Abd Al-Salam
“Fasting has many benefits: [fawa’id; s: one of them is] elevating of rank [...] and this is based on his – Allah bless him and grant him peace – saying: ‘when Ramadan arrives, the doors of Paradise are flung open, the doors of Hellfire are bolted shut and the devils are all shackled’[1] [...] as for the doors of Paradise being opened, this is an expression for positive acts of worship being increased which causes the doors of Paradise being opened. The doors of Hellfire being shut is an expression in disobedience being reduced as a consequence of the doors being shut. The devils being chained up is an expression of their whisperings being cut off from influencing those who are fasting because they feel no desire or temptation to respond to commit acts of disobedience…”[2]
  1. Fasting in Ramadan brings with it an explicit gesture of Allah’s Mercy which is not worded so for other acts of devotion.
  2. Fasting in Ramadan is a direct cause for Allah to intervene in helping His devotees by restraining their external enemies.
  3. Ramadan then is a period where Allah makes the preparation for His servants to acquire closeness, reward and benefit just as the servant too makes h/her own preparations for it.
ولله الحمد

[1] Bukhari, Sahih (#1899) and Muslim, Sahih (#1709).
[2] Imam al-`Izz Ibn `Abd al-Salam, Maqasid al-Sawm, pp.10-12.

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