Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ustadh Abu Anas comments upon the martyrdom of Sh. Mustafa Al Majzoub in Syria


Ustadh Abu Anas Alwahwah comments on the martyrdom of Shaykh Mustafa Al-Majzoub at Al-Risala bookstore in Bankstown, Sydney where hundreds of Muslims, mostly youth gathered there upon hearing the news of the shaykh's martyrdom on the 20th of August 2012.

Shaykh Mustaafa Al-Majzoub is one of Australia's most popular shaykhs, especially with the youth. He went to Syria, his homeland, to take part in the jihad there during the blessed uprising of 2011/12. He was martyred while fighting.


Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar
When the Takbeers mix with the blood of martyrdom then the ummah has gone back to it's religion, and that is when we start seeing the ummah of Muhammad that we know
When the blood of martyrdom and Takbeers come together.

We ask Allah (sw) to make Shaykh Mustafa of those whom Allah described in the Quran "Of the believers are men who are true to the covenant which they made with Allah: so of them is he who accomplished his vow, and of them is he who yet waits, and they have not changed in the least"

My brothers in Islam, I will not repeat what our brother has said and all he said was good. But I say to you my brothers a glad tiding that was given to you by your prophet Muhammad, today we see it in Al-Sham.

In Al-Sham today my brothers is the battle between Islam as a whole and Kufr as a whole. In Al-Sham today is the battle of Islam as a whole against kufr as a whole. Al-Sham which remained as a thorn in the neck of the enemies

Al-Sham which has repelled the Crusaders invasion and the the Mongol invasion, and is now resisting the Western colonialism. This Al-Sham is what will repel the Crusader / Jewish assault today.

On the land of Al-Sham the victory of the Ummah is being shaped. Tens of thousands of men, women and children are being martyred, so that the Ummah will once again be revived.

But I warn the youth today, and I say to them today, me and you, with Allah the blood of these martyrs will not be lost, but will we waste the blood of the martyrs?
How do we waste the blood of the martyrs? It is when a flag other than the flag of the messenger of Allah is raised on the land of Al-Sham after the victory. If we raise a flag of jahiliyya, nationalist, secular, capitalist, socialist, then we would have betrayed Allah and his messenger and the martyrs.

But if we return Al-Sham to how the messenger of Allah wanted, an Islamic Caliphate on the way of prophethood and this is how we would defended the blood off the martyrs
On the land of Al-Sham today will return the Caliphate once again as the prophet has said "Then it will be a Caliphate on the way of prophethood" and we will evict / pull / take back Al-Sham and the Ummah under the daylight from the enemies of Allah (Takbeers). I give you glad tidings brothers in Islam.

For a century, the youth of the Ummah have been sacrificing, the mujahidoon have been sacrificing, and then the Secularists hijack the revolutions. We must put an end to this humiliation, this shame. For this blood in Al-Sham, by Allah, least that should be accepted in this life is for the flag of tawheed to be raised.

Without the flag of tawheed we have not gained anything. It is not our role to die (as martyrs) only, but to die to bring life to Islam, not to die so that the Secularists can lead our nations once again and detach Islam once again.

Al-Sham has been detached (from Islam) for 100 years. The kuffar have divided it, they have given part of it to the Jews -- Palestine, another part to the Masons -- Jordan, another to the kuffar in Syria and have given the rest to the Christians in Lebanon. They wanted to put an end to Al-Sham because it is a thorn in their throats, but Allah will come to them from where they have not expected, and Allah has sent them Men who love death just as our enemies' love life. (Takbeer).

Glad tidings to the Majahideen, we do not cry over our martyrs, the ummah does not cry its martyrs, martyrs are not to be cried over. It is we that are responsible for the blood of the martyrs that this blood would bring victory to Islam and raise the flag of Islam, otherwise we would have betrayed the trust.

O Allah, (We ask you to punish) the oppressors, kuffar, the enemies of Islam, those who want evil to this Ummah, O Allah (we ask you to punish) America, and Europe, and China, and Russia, and Iran, and the Arab treacherous leaders, those who have betrayed Syria and all those who have conspired against Syria and all the tawaghit.

O Allah those martyrs, their blood, their women their children, do not let go in waste O Allah make it for your sake and for the sake of Islam and for the victory of Islam. O Allah accept them as martyrs and make us of those who follow them -- Ameen Ameen.

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