Saturday, August 18, 2012

Video: "Rohingya" The Forgotten People

The world today has forgotten the Muslims of Rohingya.

The media has turned a blind eye as have the governments. But these same governments are happy to lift sanctions and now embark upon trade deals with the Myanmar government who is commiting acts of ethnic cleansing and setting up concentration camps, raping the women and mercilessly killing the children.

This video details some facts about the state of the Rohingya Muslims and asks some questions as to why the Government of Myanmar and the so called peace loving "Bhuddists" are so vehemently against them.
Why is the government of Bangladesh though it is a muslim country also against them that they refuse them afew morsels of food and some shelter as they seek refuge from the genocidal acts commited against them, are they not also muslims? Do they not believe in the same creator Allah and that Muhammed SAW is the last messenger of Allah swt?

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