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Famine is Almost Killing the People of Yemen and the War of the Conflicting Parties Enters its Third Year

Press Release
Famine is Almost Killing the People of Yemen and the War of the Conflicting Parties Enters its Third Year
The people of Yemen suffer from the disasters they are facing at the level of basic needs There is no security, no food, no education, no health, no water, no electricity, no salaries and no services, but there is famine, disease, killing, fear, war, sectarian and regional strife, and the spread of evil and crime, all as a result of the Anglo-American conflict on Yemen. And the regional tools: Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE and Qatar ... And local tools: Houthis, Saleh and Hadi ... And here the war in Yemen enters its third year and the parties to the conflict all gamble at the expense of the people of Makloum from Operation Decisive Storm since 26/3/2015 and the shells of Houthis and Saleh ... All this serves the Kaffir colonizer and his agendas in his struggle for power and wealth in the country.
The fighting for nearly two years has severely damaged Yemen's already fragile economy and infrastructure, and suspended welfare payments and salaries (since August),  it shut down most of the private sector, factories and businesses, exacerbating unemployment and thus weakening the ability to meet everyday needs.
UN figures indicate food shortages, and rising food and fuel prices, and cuts in agricultural production and other factors that have led to food insecurity for approximately 19 million people, i.e. nearly 80 percent of Yemen's population.
Some 63,000 Yemenis died last year for avoidable causes, most of them related to malnutrition, according to UNICEF statistics.
World Food Program reports confirm that four out of every five Yemenis suffer food insecurity. They depend on one meal a day and cannot guarantee food for the next day!
Some 7.3 million people from various provinces need urgent food assistance, while more than 2 million children and infants are malnourished, of whom half a million are severely malnourished, an increase of 63% compared to 2015, highlighting the significant impact of the conflict taking place in the country.
As a natural result of the economic downturn, it is estimated that 3 million children did not attend school last year, while many others have died due to many diseases, some have not been seen by Yemenis such as dengue fever, cholera and poliomyelitis, amid a breakdown of the health system.
Children and non-mature youngsters may have the greatest share of the loss. Those who have not been reduced to pieces by the bombings, have been turned by starvation and disease into skeletons that are missing the most basic elements of life, or taken to be forcibly transferred to combat camps and pressured, for money, to be used in military tasks to fight with rival militias, especially Houthis, which mobilize tribesmen who do not have a great interest in education, but love to take up arms and so they are taken to war and fighting!!
The make matters worse, the aid and grants that come to Yemen from some countries and international organizations are taken over by the conflicting parties and only a little of that reaches the needy people of Yemen. The parties of the conflict take the aid and grants and sells most of it in the black market to support its war and give the rest for its supporters in light of the ongoing conflict in the country, and it’s worth mentioning that most of this aid and grants are close to its expiry date increasing the suffering of the people of Yemen over their suffering. Two days ago, Hadi’s government destroyed nearly 117 tons of wheat because it was unfit for use, it was given by the Red Cross as aid!!
The conflict between the fighters on the ports exacerbates the situation in the country, and the latest conflict is the struggle on the Port of Hudeidah in the midst of military and economic war between the conflicting parties to achieve victories at the expense of the inflicted people, exhausted by conflicts and futile wars.
The reality of the Anglo-American international conflict in Yemen is no longer hidden to the people of Yemen. The parties of the conflict openly declare this and are not ashamed. The war is not a legitimate one internally and externally, nor is it a sectarian or religious war, no matter how it is disguised by the fighting parties, to legitimize their crimes. It is a colonial international political conflict and fighting in it is forbidden.
We say to the parties of the conflict in Yemen: Are two years of war, fighting, gambling and serving your colonizing masters at the expense of the people of Yemen, and their blood, dignity, security and health, not enough for you?! Is the “seat” (of power) and the interests of the colonists takes priority to you from the people of Iman and wisdom who the Messenger of Allah (saw) said regarding them: «هم مني وأنا منهم» “They are from me and I am from them”?!
O people of Yemen! Your Iman and wisdom are enough (sources) for you to solve your problems  If you return to them in truth and sincerity, do not wait for the solutions of the West and its United Nations, it is misguided and  misleading and it calls to the doors of strife and wars, but rather calls you to the gates of Hellfire. So beware of its poisoned and mined solutions and renounce its defeated parties of the conflict and work to bring Allah’s rule to power and make His word the highest, and establish the righteous Khilafah state on the method of Prophethood; by it you will return as a Yemen of happiness and joy, and have gardens on the right and on the left, if you know. Your country has many bounties and wealth and has a strategic location and your hearts are soft and gentle, and you are the people of Fiqh, Iman, and wisdom, is it not high time for you to wake up and stop the oppressors, the conflicting parties, and work with Hizb ut Tahrir to achieve this?
Oh Allah, make it soon.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Wilayah Yemen

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