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Aqeeda (Belief)

The following articles by various authors are related to the Islamic Aqeeda (Belief). Please note that these are selected articles and not a full list of articles available on this site, to see a full list on this topic please click on the category labels: Aqeeda (Belief)

Why are you Muslim?

Comprehending the meaning of reverence

Excavating Evolution

The true meaning of Nasr (victory) being from Allah

Understanding the subject of Al Qada wal Qadar

Seeking your provisions (rizq)

Introducing the Literary and Linguistic Excellence of the Qur’an

Al-Qadaria al-Ghaibiya (fatalism)

'The difference between Iman & the Shariah-rules' by Sheikh Ata' Abu Rashta

Iman must be definitive

Imaan & Action

Clarifying misunderstandings of Taqdeer

Importance of Thinking about Death

Q&A - Reality of Jinn Controlling Human-Being?

Guidance and misguidance

Death Does Not Occur Except With End of Ajal (life term)

Exposing the flaws in the Theory of Evolution

The Error in the Methodology of the Mutakallimīn (scholastics)

Tawakkul (Reliance upon Allah) - In depth

Rizq - In Depth

The Meaning of the hadith ‘A Zani does not commit Zina while a Believer

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An advice to Muslims working in the financial sector

Assalam wa alaikum wa rahmatullah wabarakatahu,

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

We are saddened to see Muslims today even those who practise many of the rules of Islam are working in jobs which involve haram in the financial sector. They are working in positions which involve usurious (Riba) transactions, insurance, the stock market and the like. Even though many of the clear evidences regarding the severity of the sin of Riba are known, some have justified their job to themselves thinking that they are safe as long as they are not engaged in the actual action of taking or giving Riba.

Brothers & Sisters,

You should know that the majority of jobs in the financial sector, even the IT jobs in this area are haram (prohibited) as they involve the processing of prohibited contracts. If you work in this sector, do not justify your job to yourself because of the fear of losing your position or having to change your career, fear Allah as he should be feared and consider His law regarding thi…

Q&A: Age of separating children in the beds?

Question: Please explain the hukm regarding separation of children in their beds. At what age is separation an obligation upon the parents? Also can a parent sleep in the same bed as their child?


1- With regards to separating children in their beds, it is clear that the separation which is obligatory is when they reach the age of 7 and not since their birth. This is due to the hadith reported by Daarqutni and al-Hakim from the Messenger (saw) who said: When your children reach the age of 7 then separate their beds and when they reach 10 beat them if they do not pray their salah.’ This is also due to what has been narrated by al-Bazzar on the authority of Abi Rafi’ with the following wording: ‘We found in a sheet near the Messenger of Allah (saw) when he died on which the following was written: Separate the beds of the slave boys and girls and brothers and sisters of 7 years of age.’ The two hadiths are texts on the separation of children when they reach the age of 7. As for the…

Why are you Muslim?

‘Why are you Muslim?’ It may sound like an obvious question, but often many of us don’t have a clear answer to it. I remember being asked this question by my elder brother when I was fourteen years of age, my initial answer was ‘Well, our family is Muslim’, his reply to this made me think, he said, ‘If your family were Hindu or Christian, would you be as well?’. I replied with a strong ‘No, Islam is the truth’, the discussion that followed made me question the basis of my life and changed my life for ever. He triggered me to think about how to prove that Islam is the truth rather than just believing it emotionally or blindly. In fact Allah (swt) has condemned people for imitating their forefathers and adopting their belief without clear evidence.

In the Holy Qur’an, He (swt) says:

“And verily guess is no substitute for the truth.” [TMQ 53:28]

“They have no (certain) knowledge. They follow nothing but conjecture. For surely; they killed him not (‘Isa).” [TMQ 4:157]

"These are noth…