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Imprisoning the workers for Khilafah will only make them stronger by the will of Allah

Most of the following article was translated from an arabic leaflet issues by the Da'wa carriers in Jordan, with some minor ammendments.

The system in Jordan which claims falsely its condemnation for publishing photos that make offense to Rasulullah (saw) in some of the Kafer countries, passed sentences of imprisonment ranging from one to one and a half years on the workers for Khilafah, who follow the steps of the prophet (saw) to resume the Islamic life by establishing the Khilafah Rashidah, the state by which the sanctities of Islam are protected as well as the blood, honor and money of Muslims.

If we go back to the Jordanian law of penalty, we find that the punishment -of he who calls for Islam without violence or inciting violence- is two years imprisonment, on the other hand, the punishment of he who causes offense for Islam and for the prophet (saw) do not exceed three months or paying a fine not more than twenty dinars, as was stated in item 278 from the law of penalties which states that: "he who publishes something printed or manuscript or photo or a drawing or a logo which causes harm to the religious feeling of other persons or the religious belief of that person, or if he utters a word in public and is heard by another person, thus insulting the feeling or religious belief of that person, will be imprisoned for a period not more than three months or will pay a fine which is not more than twenty dinars". So he who calls for Islam will be imprisoned for years, and he who causes offense to Islam and to the prophet of Islam will be fined not more than twenty dinars!!

The punishment of causing offense to the head of the system in Jordan by any means used to reach three years as stated in item 293: "He who (A) proves to dare insulting the King or (B) sent a written or a verbal or an electronic message or any mocking drawing to the king or put that message or photo or drawing in a manner which hurts the honor of the king or insinuates that, and the same punishment will be implemented if he stirs others to do such things (C) or if he spreads in any manner what was mentioned in item (B) from paragraph (1) of this text and spread it among the people, (D) or if he speaks falsely about the king whether by saying or doing something which was not done by him and announced and spread it among people (2) he will be punished according to the penalty stated in paragraph (1) of this item, if what was mentioned in it was directed towards the king or his heir or any member of the court". All these details which include any kind of offense by words or pointing or drawing, is not available in case someone spoke against the prophet (saw), so in order to punish someone who makes offense to Rasulullah similar to the punishment of someone who makes offense to the head of the system, that must be done openly as was stated in item (273) "a person who is proved to have dared openly on the masters of concepts from prophets, will be imprisoned for one to three years".

According to what was declared by the Prime Minister Ma�ruf Al-Bakheet concerning the late amendment of the press law, those who cause offense to religious persons will not be imprisoned but fined only, Al-Ra�i newspaper stated his saying on 14.03.2006: "there will be no harm for the freedom of expression", and he said: "the amendment now is concerned in one issue, which is not to hurt the masters of religion all religions, hurting it or its holiness and the punishment on that will be a financial fine only and not imprisonment, there will not be retributive punishment only the financial punishment, but we will raise the amount of these financial punishments".

It is no wonder then, from a system which makes the rank of the noble
prophet (saw) lower than its rank, and the honor of the prophet (saw) less than its honor, to punish the workers for Khilafah by years of imprisonment, only because they handed to the scholars of the Muslims a letter, which reminds them of their duty towards their Ummah, or because they declared loudly calling the Islamic Ummah to remember its past when it was the most dignified nation, and to open its eyes on its painful reality after its religion was alienated from it, and to return for it the hope of victory and strengthening, it is no wonder also from the system to arrest the workers for Khilafah who hang the flag on which is written (La Illaha Illa Allah Muhammadun Rasulullah) on high places which could be seen by people and make them expect good tidings, which increased the anger and wrath of the system because seeing the flag of Islam high up in the air is a sign of the elimination of this system by the will of Allah.

Oh Muslims:

The system in Jordan will not stop the workers for Khilafah from realizing their goal which is to establish the Khilafah Rashida, they are steadfast by the will of Allah on truth, what the system is doing from pursuit, arrests and imprisoning do not stop them, because they are strong with their Allah and Deen, this is manifested by their declaring loud in the middle of the state security court, not fearing anyone and saying yes, we are proud to be workers for Khilafah which does not get its legitimacy from a constitution put forth by people, but from the Ahkam of Islam alone. They did not change or alter because they are on the right track, by the will of Allah, and because they are certain of the triumph of Allah and know from their prophet his saying: "�if all mankind wanted to make you benefit from something which Allah did not destine for you, they won�t be able to do it, and if they wanted to harm you with something which Allah did not destine for you, they won�t be able to do so, let it be known to you that there is great goodness in patience upon what you hate, and that victory comes with patience, and relief comes with agony and that there is easiness after distress" so who are they afraid of, after all this except Allah!

Oh Muslims

We call you to work with us to resume the Islamic life by establishing the state of Rashidi Khilafah, which will carry the true message of Islam, the religion which Allah delivered on his Prophet Muhammad (saw) to make it prominent on all religions, not the message of Amman from which Islam is innocent, so if you respond to us then it is glory in life and in the afterlife. As for those who are part of the authority and system in Jordan we address them by the saying of Allah (swt):

"Say you, 'all are waiting, then you too wait, then now you will know that who are the men of straight path and who got guidance." [Taha: 135]

15 Safar-ul Khair 1427 AH
15 March 2006 CE


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