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Arrests of Hizb ut-Tahrir activists in Tunisia - 1991

The following is from an article that appeared in Khilafah Magazine in July 1991:

The enemies of the Nation have always fought the Islamic campaigners, especially those from Hizb ut-Tahrir, by killing, imprisoning, torturing and by using the media to discredit and defame them. However, from time to time, the intelligence agencies all over the world organise with the help of their surrogates from the media and information bodies, and for specific reasons and at specific times, a smear campaign aimed at discrediting the party and its followers.

In recent weeks and more precisely during the Gulf War some of the biased news agencies began broadcasting news about Hizb ut-Tahrir's activities and editing some party leaflets, to mangle and disfigure them.

It is known that there is an international agreement on media blackout of the party's activities, nothing could be published even if damaging to the party without prior coordination and specific analysis between the Western and Arab intelligence agencies.

In its broadcasts aimed for North African listeners, the Libyan state controlled radio has repeatedly aired lies about Hizb ut-Tahrir and attacked it. The radio never tires of broadcasting the evil speeches of Libya’s Gaddafi which never fall short of discrediting the Islamic groups and parties in general and Hizb ut-Tahrir in particular, accusing it of being a sect of misguided people and describing its members as being collaborators, extremists and terrorists.

The French weekly Le Point in its issue of 4/6/1991 issued a number of false statements and information received from sources close to Western and Arab secret services.

In its issue No 4581 dated 14/6/1991, and according to the Tunisian secret police Al-Sharq Al-Awsat wrote that the secret structure of Hizb ut-Tahrir has been infiltrated and dismantled, and that about 300 activists, 100 of them from the army and with various ranks, have been arrested. They will be transferred to a military court accused of high treason for attempting to overthrow the regime and establish the Islamic Khilafah State. The paper mentioned that the hearing will take place in August 1991 and that the accused could face death sentences.

The question is, why such a frenzied onslaught against Hizb ut-Tahrir? Briefly, it is because of the seriousness of the party and the efficiency of its method of work. And because Hizb ut-Tahrir is a political party based on Islam. Its goal is to resume the Islamic way of life by establishing an Islamic state that applies Islam and carries it as a Message to the whole World. The Muslim Faith and what emanates from it in terms of thoughts, rules and ideas are to the party like the soul is to the body.

The party adopts the Method of the Messenger of Allah (SAW) in its endeavour to change the regimes. This consists of three parts:

1 - The individual education of its members and the collective culturing of the Nation.
2 - The interaction with the Nation and the seeking of support from the strong sections within the Nation.
3 - To take over the power to establish the Khilafah State from the section that supports the party. The party relies on the ideological interaction with the Nation and enters together with her in a politico-ideological struggle against the regimes by criticising the laws of the unbelieving regimes, divulging their mischiefs and putting forward Islamic views instead.

Hizb ut-Tahrir has since day one called for the establishment of the Khilafah State. It has already entered the interaction phase with the masses by means of political and ideological struggle, it never leaves any false belief without striking at it nor any misconception without uprooting and destroying it, nor any collaborator without disgracing him and his practices, and no colonial scheme is established without the party condemning and divulging it.

Since then, the collaborators realised the danger of the party’s campaign and its seriousness in working towards establishing the Khilafah would mean the end of their satellites, so they began to scheme against the party in order to divert it from the right path. The path in which the party never compromised with a tyrant nor was pliant with a ruler. On some occasions they launched a smear campaigns against the party, on others they starved its members and sacked them from their jobs, then they stripped party members of their basic civil rights, they banned them from working in government institutions, confiscated their passports, and chased them all over the world. When they failed to contain them and put an end to their activities they resorted to all kinds of torture and systematic extermination. However their wishes were not to be, and their mischief was uncovered and they realised that local and international cooperation is indispensible in dealing with the party, therefore a news blackout over the party’s activities was put in place to combat and curb its activities everywhere, and books were published containing false concepts and lies about the party’s culture and ideals.
Despite all of these obstacles, the party succeeded in paving its way to reach the Nation and convey its opinions and message which become the trademark of its political work all over the world. Such smear campaigns which talk about the dismantling and destruction of the party are nothing but a reflection of the ignorance of the Arab regimes including the local and international intelligence agencies. Every movement that is based on such an ideology can never be destroyed and as long as the ummah exists there will be da'wa and carriers of the call, and these carriers will spread within the ummah like a growing cell and they will lead her by the Islamic concepts and rules and not by personality, emotion, or force.

Khilafah Magazine, July 1991


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