Friday, December 02, 2005

As the land of Bukhari bleeds

As the land of Bukhari bleeds
Mothers weep vowing to continue their sons deeds
To speak the truth in the face of the tyrant
Whose lies can never win the hearts of the non-violent
Unarmed they rose their hands in the air
Unflinching in their determination not despair
Too long have they drowned in oppression
Too long have their cries remain unheard
By Allah the time for change is near
As the tyrant gasps for air
All he finds are the calls of those with no fear
Whose ears cannot wait to hear
Of the toppling of his rule to yesteryear
As the sons of Tirmidhi struggle
His worry and fear only double
For he knows that the blood he spills
And the martyrs he kills
With his drunken soldiers high on vodka and pills
Cannot delay the inevitable
The gates of his palace are penetrable
This land will return to the Quran’s rule
Bring an end to the reign of a fool
Zamakshari’s tafseer is not forgotten With all your wealth ill gotten
You can never delete the words of the unbegotten
The legacy of an-Nasafi lives on
No matter how much you try, we will carry on
To hurl the truth against your falsehood
Equipped with Iman the bond of our brotherhood
We will restore Samarkand and Bukhara to its former glory
For the Khilafah is not just a story
Its coming was foretold
So watch out Oxus Gold
It’s a reality on the horizon
Something Bush and Blair are keeping their eyes on
Karimov, Andijan is the beginning of your end
Watch Tashkent and others follow this trend

19th May 2005

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moheetliverpool said...

inshAllah khilafat for uzbekistan!!