Friday, December 02, 2005


Empty words do they speak
Their speeches full of deceit
Their actions full of hypocrisy
In their so-called law of democracy

The blood of martyrs is still fresh
As mothers bury their children to rest
These fools continue to obsess

In their palaces and high towers
With wealth and riches which are ours
They run to their masters at every opportunity
In the false hope that their treachery will lead to security

They need to wake up and smell the reality
The Ummah boils and will topple their fallacy

As Yathrib fell to the Prophet’s men
We too shall overturn Shaytans den

The day is near by Allah’s leave
The day they fear and perceive

As the pledge is given to the one
To rule by the book and obey none
Except He, the Almighty Lord of men
Who revealed and taught man the pen

The misery and suffering will wash away
Then we will live according to the Prophet’s way


Noor ul Islaam said...

Did you write that akhi?

Abu Ismael al-Beirawi said...

Yes it is one of mine