Friday, December 02, 2005

From deep below

From deep below it came
A shock and awe of our time
A reminder to all those who forget
That the time we have is all but spent
That the day when the quake will be greater approaches
As the earth narrates our deeds there will be no escape
So let the tears not be in vain
Ponder upon His signs
That you may walk among this earth in comfort
Knowing that the deeds it narrates will be to your credit
Not the false words of the fakers
Or the empty deeds of the heartbreakers
In their haughtiness and high towers they will not be safe
As the tsunami of death will reach them
Then they will see that which they avoid
It will hit them as the tidal wave hit the land
Sweeping away their souls in the blink of an eye
So be wary of the deeds you accrue
For on the day of reckoning
Even the atoms weight may defeat you

10th January 2005

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