Friday, December 02, 2005

Land of origin

As you sleep in comfort
Your land of origin bleeds
Crying out for more than prayer beads
Indeed one sixth of the Ummah is in need
Of carriers of the call trained and ready
Cultured and groomed to remain steady
So of what use is your study
If your books and notes help nobody
Whilst you continue to receive your monthly pay
Your brothers awaiting you feel dismay
So ponder upon the blood that runs through your veins
For the thought of your forefathers remains
Able to create a sea change
With the call that may initially seem strange
To remind all of the minarets and forts built long ago
Working to remove the pain, suffering and sorrow
Not in vain did Tipu’s blood spill
Not in vain did Ghaznawi ride the winds
This land will return to its true origin
Not of poverty and conflict
Nor of hunger and the beggar’s bowl
To prosperity and peace shall it return
For the shade of the Quran do we all yearn
With the rule of He who is not begotten
Shall we beget, the dawn of a new age
So don’t just turn the page
Think of the gardens underneath which rivers flow
Which are in the grasp of all those who know
Let not life in the West deceive you
The gates of hell may be waiting to receive you
So add your gust to the winds of change
And remember the ahadith about those who are estranged

25th April 2005

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revivalbloggers said...

mashaAllaah this is beautifully comprised