Monday, August 21, 2006

Poem: Take Me Away

The following is an excellent poem by my 16 year old niece:

Take Me Away

Take me away from this place of ignorance
And into the veiled river-ridden lands
With waters gushing from the fountain of truth
Instoring knowledge so that man understands.

Save me from the throbbing of idle chatter
Emitted by the throngs of sheep -
The masses walking with eyes shut close,
Looking awake yet deep they sleep.

I await the shepherd to direct the flock,
Out from the gloomy fog-strewn night,
Drowning our hearts with tales of deceit,
And into the garden, spilling with light.

The yearn of my heart echoes through my mind,
Take me; carry me; fly me away
Lead me to the lost locket of wisdom
So that I may reside and not go astray.

Yet I remain in this prison ruled by men and kings
- safe in their haughty towers built up tall
Fooling themselves with whispers of the devil,
Arrogance deceiving one and all.

Take me to the lake of humility I beg,
Where thirst is quenched my humble hearts;
Sincerity blossoms from the springs of knowledge
And justice prevails – neither ends nor starts.

Take me away from this place of ignorance,
Let the lake of tranquillity gently bathe me
Fly me towards this hidden garden,
And for once let my heart and mind be free

Yasmin Mahomed (Aged 16)

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somali bravanese said...

Masha Allah your poem is amazing. May Allah keep your mouth open with truth.