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What is going on in Lebanon?

The following is the draft translation from Arabic of a political analysis article written by Islamic activists in the Muslim world:

To clarify the image we have to go a little backwards:

Towards the end of the seventies, since Carter’s era, when the political solutions for the issues of the region began to take a serious path under the sponsorship of America, which originated the ill-omened agreement of Camp David in 1978, and the plan of America is still being continued after it: (to make the Syrian path proceed the path of the Palestinian solution or at least not to be delayed from it). Regan continued after Carter -in the eighties- on the same track. Then, Bush the father came, and followed the same method, by trying to find a solution for the problem, which they called the Middle East crisis, and to solve it in a compromise which will include Syria, and then Lebanon (because America “granted” Lebanon to Syria since the entering of the Syrian deterring forces in 1975 and until it became authorized in Lebanon after the agreement of Ta’ef, in order to guarantee the interests of America in Lebanon and prevent the European influence “France and Britain” from entering into Lebanon), after it or parallel to it was the Palestinian issue, as for the compromise with Jordan, America knew that it is a center for Britain, and that Britain won’t leave its solution in the hands of America, that is why it was not very important to be solved before or after the other tracks..

The conference of Madrid was held in 1991 during the era of Bush the father, after the Second Gulf War (to send out Iraq from Kuwait), the Arab countries (countries of the ring) and the Palestinian liberation Organization and state of Jews met on one table and the negotiations continued…. During that Europe (Britain) was able to arrange the agreement of Oslo between the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) headed by Abu Ammar and his assistant Abu Mazen and state of Jews away from the going on negotiations sponsored by America according to Madrid conference, America was obliged to bless the agreement of Oslo and also that of Wadi Araba -which followed- between Jordan and state of Jews.

But Oslo did not solve the problem, it was an entry to originate an authority under the rule of Jews, with authority less than that of municipalities, the authority cannot sign anything without the consent of state of Jews, therefore the authority came to lessen the burden of Jews in the affairs which this state wanted.

It was obvious that Europe was unable to solve the issue of Palestine without America, matters continued to go between give and take, America does not want to solve the Palestinian issue without solving the Syrian issue before or with it, and Europe wants to separate between both tracks if it could, and each of America and Europe ha men in state of Jews, convinced in the point of view of America or that of Europe, originating from what they perceive as their interest, and each of them is marketing the solution which serves his interest. The Arab group was not in account because the Arabic systems in the countries of the ring are agents for the Kafer colonists, and do not form a serious obstacle in the solution.

After Bush the father, during the administration of Clinton, from 1993-2000, Clinton was seriously interested in solving the Syrian and Palestinian issues, he met with Hafez Al-Assad and Rabin and the issue was about to be solved in what was later called (the trust of Rabin) it was agreed to withdraw from the Golan with restrictions on the Syrian army in it, and Jews will keep the sides of Tiberius and a narrow path east of it, but the assassination of Rabin stopped this matter.

Clinton then perceived that there is no objection to proceed in solving the Palestinian problem without being accompanied by the solution of the Syrian problem, considering that what they called the (trust of Rabin) is possible of being brought newly to life at the time when there is an (Israeli) leadership completely pro-American without any influence of Europe.
But Clinton failed in the issue of Palestine, because the American project sees that to solve the dispute there should be a state for the Palestinians nearly disarmed with a little administrative influence on part of Jerusalem, but Jews keep temporizing and do not want for the West Bank or Gaza to have any international characteristic -even a week one- but they want it to stay under their actual control, they do not object for a semi local state (or a temporary state for long years) which has no actual authority on any part of Jerusalem, but a semi state with formal authority, and the actual authority in Jerusalem, in air and sea will be for state of Jews.
So Clinton failed in his attempt and his administration ended.

When Bush the son came in 2001, he started to regain the principle line for the solutions of the problems in the region, which is to make Syria enter the compromise before or with the Palestinian compromise, and return the (trust of Rabin), but Jews did not accept any solution which will alienate them completely from Golan, they did not agree to withdraw from Golan and keep limited Syrian forces in Golan similar to Sinai, and they refused to withdraw from Golan and stay in part of it but rented from Syria similar to the agreement of Wadi Araba, and because the policy of the Neo Conservatives did not want to put direct pressure on Jews, that is why the American administration stopped all what was going on during the period of Clinton, such as trying to solve the Palestinian issue away from solving the Syrian issue (hence Lebanon, because Syrian was holding the reins in Lebanon) waiting for the new administration to finish from drawing a comprehensive plan for Syria (hence Lebanon) and the authority.

But after the incidents of September in 2001, which was followed by the aggression on Afghanistan and Iraq, the priority was for what was called by Bush (war on terror) than for the issue of the struggle in the region which they called the Middle East Crisis, and Bush stopped the serious planning for solving this crisis, he was busy in dealing with the incidents of September and what resulted from it.

Thus the issue of Palestine was put aside, concerning the political solutions of the problem, the issue remained a military one, between the Jewish military mechanism and its brutal crimes and between the resistance of the people of Palestine with what they could afford, the tendency of the Neo Conservatives in the administration of Bush -concerning terror and fighting it- was adopted by Jews! The projects and solutions which America put for the issue became similar to projects of public relations rather than being projects of decisive solutions, that is how those solutions were, until they reached the official announcement of the Road Map on 30.04.2003, from its items, it was obvious that it is not liable of being executed without a direct American leadership of serious execution, which is postponed according to the agenda of America until the front in Afghanistan and Iraq subsided.

At the meantime Mahmud Abbas came to authority, he is the man who changed his skin more than once, after walking behind Yaser Arafat in Oslo towards the European direction (Britain) he became from the men of America who do not disobey it, he showed his enthusiasm to go on in solving the Palestinian Issue without the problem of Syria, and that he is ready to give any required surrender, yet Jews knew that the influence of Abbas is weak in the Palestinian street, and that the Islamic tendency does not accept any surrender or acknowledgement of Jews.
Thus, to accept any surrender and admit Jews by the Islamic front became another factor for postponing the Palestinian solution, besides that of Syria, similar to the acceptance of the other directions led by Mahmud Abbas. But the acknowledgement and surrender of this direction is not easy, because Islam refuses to give up any span of the Islamic land, and refuses to admit any occupation to any part of Islamic land, Islam regards he who admits Jews and surrenders as a traitor, all the Islamic movements besides the Muslim multitude emphasizes that.

So, Jews realized that this is not the time for decisive solutions for Palestine, because it has to wait until the Syrian problem is added according to the American agenda, and waiting also for the consent of the Islamic direction in Palestine to surrender and admit such a secular tendency. That is why Sharon presented in April 2004 -with understanding with Bush- the plan of the (administrative) withdrawal from Gaza from one side, by keeping the actual authority for Jews, and their ability to enter and go out of Gaza whenever they want, also to have supervision over the port, airport and crossing points…. Jews also wanted to lessen the pressure on their army in Gaza, and make steps for solutions which will stir things until America comes out of the swamp of Afghanistan and Iraq, and take over the responsibility of entering Syria (hence Lebanon) and Palestine into the solution, and until they can tame the Islamic direction to accept and admit state of Jews and give up Palestine of 48 and accept to negotiate the borders of Palestine 1967.

By holding the Palestinian elections under the sponsorship of America, consent of Jews and participation of Hamas in it, and its getting to authority, steps went hastily to make Hamas (which represents for them the Islamic trend) accept to acknowledge state of Jews and establish (a semi state) for Palestine beside it… things went to and fro until the document of prisoners appeared which accepts two states in Palestine… after which Mahmud Abbas directed negotiations with the troops headed by Hamas led by Ismael Haniyeh, as a result Hamas and the other parties accepted the document except for the Islamic Jihad. It is known that the history of Ismael Haniyeh shows that he accepts political settlement, he nominated himself in the elections of 1996 in spite of the opposition of Hamas at that time, even its prohibition of nomination, which led Hamas to issue a statement at that time in which it harbors on him because of this nomination.
Any way, it was decided to hold a press conference by Mahmud Abbas and Ismael Haniyeh on 25.06.2006, to announce the consent on the document, had it not been for the kidnapping of the Israeli soldier. Also that incident was good because it postponed that ill-omened conference, although it did not cancel that agreement of Hamas and the other parties for the document of the prisoners.

Matters went on hastily after that until 12.07.2006 when Hizbullah imprisoned two Israeli soldiers, Jews responded very brutally by killing people, damaging trees and stones, then entity of Jews was exposed to painful strikes from Hizbullah which made it lose its mind, because it never thought that its cities and villages would one day be exposed to such missiles.
In spite of the great damage which inflicted state of Jews, and the greater damage which inflicted Lebanon, and in spite of the international demands to cease fire and discuss other matters, America insists on not accepting the immediate cease of fire, until (more appropriate circumstances) are available.
So, why is this insisting?

To manifest that we say:
Matters in Iraq and Afghanistan did not go as was desired by America, it fell into a swamp, and came to realize that in order to get out of it is costly and takes long, and that (especially) Iraq became a strong battlefield against it, and that nothing will save it from it except involving the neighboring countries in the matter, most prominent of these countries is Iran and Syria in which America has influence in them, but to involve them in this matter will not be completed without a comprehensive solution for the rest of the issues in the region, which is to end the Middle East crisis.
America found that this matter (the comprehensive solution) will realize -according to its estimations- the following matters for it:
1. To draw the attention away -even temporary- from its crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and its scandals there, as well as its failure to realize its goals from that aggression.
2. to find a way in order to give concession of Iraq or a huge part of it to Iran, similar to what took place in 1975 in Lebanon, when Lebanon was in concession to Syria under American sponsorship, thus the Iranian nuclear crisis will be over, because it was America which prevented its being solved and made Europe get busy with it.
3. This is an open entry for Syria, to help in cooling the hot border atmosphere between Syria and Iraq, to control the supplies and catch the Iraqi immigrants to it.
4. To make it easy to solve the Palestinian issue, by the open acknowledgement of Syria for state of Jews, which will be followed by the other Palestinian organizations, and put a final end for the struggle in the region.
5. To guarantee the American hegemony on the region, and its interests especially that of petrol.
6. That will result in improving the image of America in the region! And more important to increase the popularity of Bush and the Republican party in America, which will make it easy for it to win the coming elections.

America realized that the following matters are needed in order to realize these goals:
1. Europe standing in the face of America, because Europe (France and Britain) found that there is a golden opportunity in the assassination of Al-Hariri in order to compete with America in the influence in Lebanon, after being partially alienated from it for about thirty years, and since the agreement of Al-Ta’ef since 15 years wholly alienated. It is not easy for it to agree for America to hold the reins in the region.
2. He matter of Hizbullah, which is military and training supported by Iran and Syria since the beginning of the eighties…. Both of which supported it until the time of compromise comes, when its role will be over, the party did not (realize) this matter well, and in spite of the obvious lines in the relation of these two countries with America especially Syria, yet it thought (well) of them, and saw that they support it in order to fight Jews, for the faith in Allah! It did not think at all that the Syrian and the Iranian support was meant to put the image of treason away from Syria, by keeping silent about liberating occupied Golan waiting for the compromise under the sponsorship of America, and that Syria with Iran behind it will finish with the party on good terms or by disappointing it if needed and abandon it during fighting with Jews when the time of compromise is due.
What is important is that the power of Hizbullah grew more, it contains faithful youth in tits fight with Jews, it is in a condition which will make it difficult for Syria to ask it to return to be a political party only, and stop its fight against Jews. It is known that when the time of compromise is due, those who sponsor it will not allow Hizbullah to have a role any more, that is why the issue of Hizbullah was one of the obstacles in which confronted the compromise.
3. Issue of Jews state, America knows well that they will not accept any compromise which will guarantee for them a strong state within limited borders, and leave the surrounding countries alone, or to accept any state even a weak one in Palestine, because Jews move with their forged old testament in their hearts and minds, their distant goal is the whole region from Nile to Euphrates, when time is available for them.
And as long as they do not feel any harm that will inflict them, or any danger that will strike them, they will not go into a compromise which will leave Syria, Lebanon and Palestine shameless. That is why the issue of Jews state was an obstacle in the face of the compromise.
The American administration decided to proceed in finding a comprehensive solution for the crisis of the region in which Iran, Syria, Iraq and state of Jews, Lebanon and the Authority (supported by Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan) will enter what is called a New Middle East by holding a conference (a new Madrid, or something similar) to discuss all these problems. And after solving the crisis among these states arrangements will be put to enter the other concerned countries in the Middle East. America uncovered this plan during the aggression of Jews, when Rice declared on 22.07.2006 that the Israeli aggression on Lebanon will result in a New middle East!

As for the obstacles, America plans to get rid of them as follows:
1. The topic of Hizbullah:
It was agreed with Syria and Iran to push the party to commit sensitive and effective actions against Jews, then abandon it in front of the huge (Israeli) reactions on it and not to share fighting beside it.
2. The topic of state of Jews:
America will push them to commit a huge reaction on any action done by Hizbulllah even though it was little, then prevent the cease of fire until Hizbullah is badly hurt and effective damage on state of Jews.
3. The topic of Europe:
To de-activate their efforts in any project they present to the security council, until exhaustion reaches both sides, Hizbullah and state of Jews, so that the issue will be in the hands of America.

As for Jews, they will resort to America to put the right project.
As for the youth of Hizbullah, they fight faithfully for one of two good things, either victory or martyrdom, but America through Iran and Syria will have control on any suitable project, by making Iran and Syria direct the party in the required direction.
Thus America did not accept an immediate cease of fire, until “circumstances become suitable”! As was declared by Rice -the American minister of foreign affairs- on 19.07.2006, after her meeting with the Egyptian minister of Foreign Affairs in Washington.

This is a description of what is going on in Lebanon, it is obvious from it how a little resistance with a few numbers and little ammunition if compared with the (Israeli) arsenal, and how it badly hurt state of Jews and killed many of them.

· How would it have been if Iran and Syria did not let down Hizbullah and leave it alone in the fight? This was clear in the declarations of the Iranian and Syrian Officials, the Iranian foreign ministry declared that “Tahran stands with the Syrian people, and that Israel will have uncountable loses if it attacks Syria” but it stood silent in front of the continuous attack on Lebanon and Hizbullah, which is considered to be loyal to them, also the Syrian Minister of News media emphasized that Syria will answer back if the (Israeli) forces come near its lands, as if the bombing of Jews for the border line in Al-Masnaa’ was not near its lands!!

· How would it have been if the other Arab countries were not pro-American and support the aggression and insist on praying for state of Jews to be victorious? What was stated in the declarations of the rulers of Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia points to that.

· To be aware of the incidents is an important matter, the point of weakness for Hizbullah is that it thinks well of Iran and Syria, without realizing the influence of America on them, it left its papers in their hands, so that when serious time comes they will let it down and leave it without sharing in the fight beside it, while watching the aggravation of Jews brutal and destructive crimes.

· The point of weakness in the nation is that it does not realize that the core of illness is in these agent rulers, so instead of getting a sore throat in denouncing the aggression, leaving those who support the aggression on their thrones, the duty was to encourage them to drive away these rulers and stir the armies actually to fight Jews, then the nation will return to be the best nation sent to people, and its army in the front in a great blessed creeping to destroy state of Jews and return all of Palestine to the lands of Islam.

· Time did not elapse yet, because even if the negotiations succeeded in taming the rulers and eliminating all the obstacles in front of this negotiation project, it will take considerable time, because the project which America calls New Middle East requires -according to what penetrated about its perception of the project- a political and geographical re-planning of the region, and this takes a long time, and America realizes that, what concerns it is to put the countries of the region under its sponsorship in a limited negotiation on the wide lines which it perceives. The nation still has an opportunity to fail the American plans, and the opportunity is still available for the soldiers in the armies to throw out these rulers, and return the glory of Islam, and establish the state of Khilafah on the steps of the prophecy, to have vengeance for the children from Jews and for the women who were terrified and humiliated, and the elderly whose beards were stained with blood, to take vengeance from Jews and those who are behind them, then Jews will destroy their houses with their own hands and the hands of the believers, and Allah will heal the chests of the pious people.

((وَيَوْمَئِذٍ يَفْرَحُ المُؤْمِنُونَ، بِنَصْرِ اللهِ))

“On that Day shall the Believers rejoice with the victory of Allah” [Al-Rum: 4,5]

28 Jumada Al-Akhira 1427 AH
24 July 2006 CE

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