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A call to the people of Palestine and to Hamas and Fatah in particular

The following is a translation of an arabic leaflet.

O people of Palestine, O people of bayt al-maqdis and its surroundings, O people of the land of Isra’, of the first qiblah and the third to the two sacred mosques…

O grandsons of the noble conquerors, O grandsons of the Faruq, Umar (ra), of the Trustworthy, Abu Ubaydah (ra), and of Khalid (ra) and Sharhabeel (ra)…

O you whose land is mixed with the noble blood of the martyrs, such that no inch of it is free from the blood of a martyr or the dust of a mujahid’s horse…

O all you who possess a heart, or a will to listen, and be witness:

How do you fight your own sons, spilling their blood and killing them, whilst you do hear and see?! The ones who have been killed are you sons; their blood, wealth and honour are haram on you. The spilling of pure innocent blood is the worst of crimes.

Hizb ut-Tahrir implores you to prevent your sons from spilling their blood, and you are, with the permission of Allah, capable of this, and to grab your leaders, who push them to fight, by the hand before Shaytan leads them to destruction, yours and theirs, and your state then would be as described by Allah:

“How many a generation We have destroyed before them, and they cried
out when there was no longer time for escape!” (Sad: 3)

And you, O leadership of Fatah and Hamas,
Indeed you have brought forth a terrible thing, whereby the heavens may almost be torn, the Earth cleft asunder and the mountains fall down in ruins. You have led your youth to serve the interests of America, Europe and the Israelis. You have led them to fight and kill amongst themselves instead of fighting their enemy, and the enemy is known to you; they are smiling
from ear to ear at what you are doing!

Over what, O you leaders, are you fighting?

Are you fighting over an authority which holds no power whatsoever, whose president is unable to move except by the permission of the Israelis: if they prevent him from moving he stops, and if they permit him he moves, to the extent that his ‘honourable’ transportation between his two offices in Gaza and the West Bank requires permission from the Israelis, which if not given, forces him to stay in his place powerless!

Or do you fight over a government whose prime minister is held up at the Rafah checkpoint hours upon hours, bending his head in humiliation and shame, whilst he waits in a degrading chair waiting for Israeli permission to cross!

Or do you fight over the ministry or parliament, whose ministers and officers are arrested, dragged into prisons and court cages! Are such positions worth fighting for!?

Or do you fight over political programs upon the conditions of the four (countries facilitating negotiations) or the points of the document (they agreed upon)? Do they not both downgrade the issue to what was invaded in 1967 or a part thereof, to establish therein a semblance of a state next to Israel, which itself is established on the greater part of Palestine? Are not they both a crime in the eyes of Allah, His Messenger (saw) and the believers?

Or do you fight over recognition or a long-term (peace) treaty with Israel? Do not both matters result in the recognition of Israel? Is not a treaty, nay even mere negotiation, with an established state upon Islamic land, established through invasion and the expulsion of its people…is not mere sitting with them recognition of it and affirmation of the invasion of Islamic land? It is not a state established upon its own land, or land not conquered by the Muslims, like the treaty with the people of Makkah before its conquest. Had that been the case then a treaty would not mean recognition and affirmation of the invasion of Muslim land because in that case it would not be Islamic land. Upon this, the recognition of Israel or a treaty with it, both are an affirmation of the legitimacy of the invasion of Palestine, a great Islamic land. Also, does the verbal recognition differ legally [shar’an] from the official recognition of it, or is this a mere
play of words and nothing more? Is not all this a great crime in the eyes of Allah, His Messenger (saw) and the believers?

So over what are you fighting?

You are fighting over nothing, nay, how we wish that you had been fighting over nothing, so we could have said that this is a mere childsplay which has no benefit nor any harm to it, but you are fighting to the end of evil and the spilling of blood, and the destruction of land and people.

Hizb ut-Tahrir implores you, nay, it warns and notifies you, from leading the people to their destruction, through serving the interests of America, Europe and Israel, will you not then take heed? Will you not have shame from Allah, His Messenger (saw) and the believers? Will you not be ashamed?

Those who fear Allah from amongst you and who have left with them any dignity, then let him divorce himself completely from this weak ‘authority’ whose establishments of government and parliament have failed…for it is an authority originated by the ill-fated Oslo Accord; it is an authority under the shade of occupation, which has no leadership nor real authority. Divorce
it, such that your stance, all together, would be in the direction of your enemy, hand in hand, to return Palestine, all of Palestine, to dar al-Islam.

As for you, O youth of Fatah and Hamas,
You are the ones who deserve the sincere advice and counsel, for there is great good in you yet, by the permission of Allah. You stood up, in the first instance, to fight the Jews and liberate Palestine. Upon this great matter did your leaders gather you. They recruited on this basis, to fight the enemy, and you responded to them for this noble goal. So how do you now leave this goal and intentionally turn your machine guns in the direction of your brothers.

“And whosoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell, to abide therein forever, and the Wrath of Allah is upon him, and His curse; prepared for him is a grievous torment” (al-Nisaa’: 93).

The killing of a pure, innocent soul is graver is the sight of Allah than the destruction of the world. Indeed the Messenger of Allah (saw) spoke the truth when he said, “The destruction of the world is lighter on Allah than the killing of one Muslim man”, extracted by Tirmidhi from the chain of Abdullah ibn Amr (ra).

Hizb ut-Tahrir calls out to you, to refrain from obeying your leaders in fighting one another, for there is no obedience to the creation in disobedience to the Creator, and to focus your efforts in the direction of your enemy. If your leaders persist in fighting one another, grab them by their hands, for they are causing fitnah and strife, and stop your fighting. If you do so, you will save yourselves and your people from destruction, and if you do not do so, and continue in intentionally spilling your blood, your state will be of those about whom Allah says,

“On the day when their faces are turned over in the Fire, they shall say, ‘Oh, had we obeyed Allah and obeyed the Messenger’, and they shall say, ‘O our Lord, we obeyed our leaders and our great ones and they led us astray from the (right) Way’” (al-Ahzab: 66-67)

O people of Palestine, O people of bayt al-maqdis,
Hizb ut-Tahrir implores you to take hold of the hands of evil before the fire is inflamed, and that you stand in the face of the people of fitnah before it reaches you and them: reaches the people of fitnah and oppression for their oppression and reaches the oppressed for their silence upon the oppression and fitnah.

“And guard yourselves against a chastisement that will affect not (only) those in particular who do wrong, and know that Allah is severe in punishment” (al-Anfal: 25)

Verily, Hizb ut-Tahrir calls out to you to stand up as one man to prevent the spilling of your blood, and the fighting amongst yourselves, and to bury this fitnah before its roots penetrate the ground, grow and give fruit…will you not then respond?

“This is a message for the people, that they may be warned thereby…”

O Allah, we have delivered your message. O Allah, be our witness.

Hizb ut-Tahrir

9 Muharram 1428 AH
28 January 2007 CE

Arabic source leaflet


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