Thursday, December 20, 2007

Poem: Five Pillars Strong

Five pillars strong this deen You made,
To counterbalance sins when deeds are weighed.

The first is once to say that You are One,
Muhammad is Your messenger and slave, not son.

Salah is five a day till life is done,
Five periods marked by movement of the sun.

Give half of five percent of wealth to eight,
Lest just amongst the rich it circulate.

For fasting You prescribed a month a year,
To know the hypocrite from the sincere.

And Hajj, one journey to Your Sacred House,
Where Abraham did leave his son and spouse.

So here I am, my Allah, I am here
Here I am. No partner do you have nor peer.

Here I am. To You all praise and favor,
Yours is the dominion. Without partner.

Abu Khadija
Zill Hajj, 2007

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