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The Bully Gasps As He Drowns

In the Name of Allah, The most Beneficent, The most Merciful

Changing World Scenarios – Their Effects & The Blame Game

Mr. Bush, the Indians and Chinese are not just eating-up the corn and the meat of the earth; they are sipping-up precious potable water; inhaling precious oxygen and guzzling the oil of the earth too. In fitness of things, you must ban the export of your nuclear submarines and bombers to them. Alternatively, you could kill half of them or even bomb half of their industry so that development is stalled! They should be taught to live frugally!

Mr. President, how far do you agree with me? Your development, progress and prosperity for the past more than a century was good for the world, but the recent prosperity of India and China have caused all the troubles of the earth. The two culprits are responsible for your diving Dollar, the sub-prime collapse, the crash of your stock markets, the run in your credit-card market, the cave in of your banks and businesses – all this because of them. They took you to Afghanistan and Iraq for war. And yes, even the Hurricane Katrina, bursting of water pipes in Washington and wild fires are because of India and China.

Your lieutenant Ms. Rice and EU Agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel are right, the diversion of corn & wheat for making biofuel is not the culprit for the food riots in the world. It’s the teaming millions in India and China who have begun to eat and have forsaken their habits of starvation, which has caused this scarcity. If only they had continued to remain under-nourished and in malnutrition, the world would have been a better place.

Mr. President, if I read your mind correctly – global warming, greenhouse gases, earthquakes and tsunamis can all be contained if ‘Capitalism’ is followed in true letter and sprit. The stupid Indians and Chinese mistook the word ‘freedom’ to mean that they too can become rich. Indians made mockery of ‘Democratic systems’ like ‘liberty & secularism’ and Chinese are not democratic at all. The ‘democratic system’ we put in place in Iraq and Afghanistan need to be emulated by both. If only Indians and Chinese were to become noble souls like Americans, earth would be a paradise. Terrorism is unleashed on this planet because the middle-class Indians and Chinese are becoming prosperous.

Living in a fool’s paradise, Indians and Chinese don’t realize that World Trade Organisation (WTO), Global Agreement on Trades and Tariffs (GATT), Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Genetically Modified (GM) Foods, Agricultural Subsidies – Globalisation in all its pristine forms is the real benefactor. Despite all this, food riots are caused because of the prosperity of India and China.

Mr. President, unfortunately now more Americans have to travel by public transport because the rising oil prices are siphoning their wallets. One wonders if the saying, ‘Those who live by the sword die by the sword’ is coming true for you - the Big-Bully. After repeated rebuffs from Iran, cold-shoulders from allies, snubs by India on the nuclear issue and the Iranian President visit – you and your America are clearly sinking. Gasping for breath, the gurgle is amusing to the ears of the world.

The icing on the cake is the coming of the Caliphate. Muslims the world over are inching to their goal – a borderless Islamic State with a Caliph at the helm. Your failed systems must give way to the tried and tested ways of Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) and his lieutenants. It does not need a ghost called Al-Qaeda to topple you; for you are your own enemy.

Abu Farhaan


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