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Why America Must Support The Caliphate?

In the Name of Allah, The most Beneficent, The most Merciful

Changing Worldviews amidst Global Revival of Islamic spirit in Muslims.

It would make good sense for the U.S.A. and its allies to change their attitude towards the coming of the Caliphate. Foreign policies don’t change overnight and especially if nations that have arrogated to themselves the position of ‘world-policing, peace-keeping, protectors of freedom’ etc., because of the iron-clad, rigid mind-set. It would be better for them if they stepped out of their conceit and viewed the ground reality, repositioning their stands so that they are redeemed and not consigned to oblivion in changed situations.

America and its allies have incurred the wrath of nations and masses due to the injustice and mischief that they have committed. Now that the power of the ‘Big Bully’ is waning, the nations of the world are waiting to take revenge. Iran’s standoff with America followed by India’s refusing to take the bait and sign the nuclear deal and yet another snub by India when U.S.A. advised it about Iran and its visiting President; all go to show that U.S.A.’s edict is no more effective. Seeing no coercive steps, more and more countries will rebuff the U.S.A. It’s woes come from unforeseen quarters. As if the economic meltdown was not enough, even the century old water pipes are giving way due to ageing, not to speak of hurricane, tornadoes and wild fires. All this is pointing to an inevitable collapse of the superpower, and America must see this. Perished nations of the past are glaring illustrations of how the high and mighty bit the dust.

The collapse of U.S.A. is not just of a country, it is the collapse of an entire ideology – Capitalism. With it, will go, Britain, France, Germany, Japan…you name it. Now, America should foresee who is likely to take power and what will be its (U.S.A.’s) fate then? If nation states of today get a chance to settle their scores, they will not hesitate to rip U.S.A. apart by the jungle law. U.S.A. well knows that it has caused maximum harm to the Muslims and their countries, plundering every straw it could. If nations remain as independent countries, they will treat U.S.A. with all the contempt their vengeance can muster.

The other option is the re-established Caliphate. Pardon will be the guiding word for the Caliph, as was the case of Mecca when Prophet Muhammad captured it in 630 C.E. If U.S.A. is pardoned for its wrong-doings, only then it can survive, and survive honorably. But that will come only if it gives-up its resistance to the coming Caliphate. One cannot expect it to support it, but don’t oppose it. Even if absolute pardon is not given to U.S.A., the fact that torture is forbidden by Islam and hence the Caliph cannot resort to it, is itself a great respite for U.S.A. and its allies. The future treatment by the Caliphate will depend upon the America’s attitude today towards the Muslims and the Caliphate. That it is coming is a foregone conclusion. The CIA has spoken of the year 2020 for a possible emergence of the Caliphate for the entire Muslim world. Who knows, they may be well off the mark. It may come in months from now.

The problem with the U.S.A. is that it has too many power centers. Not just the American public, even the U.S. President is ill-informed about the ground reality. The surging waves of a unified Muslim world under one Caliphate are overwhelming the globe. U.S. Intelligence is either too engrossed in running after mirages that they call terrorist; or they know of the ground-reality, but are suppressing it through the control of the media. Either way, it is self inflicting for the U.S.A. as a whole. Why do these intelligent-fools not understand that they have lost the war of minds, even if they have won the battle of the media?

Mr. President and people of America, your redemption lies in the Caliphate.

Abu Farhaan


Anonymous said…
excellent article
Anonymous said…
Ameen !!
Anonymous said…
very good article and Inshallah chilaphate will established soon.
Anonymous said…
In America you have the freedom to make such a post. In the Muslim world this post would have you executed. Maybe you should be careful what you wish for.
Unknown said…
Thanks for telling me that 'In America you have freedom'. I believed Americans are more in fetters than others. The shackles include man-made laws, adminstration (government), security, capitalism, media ... etc. 'Freedoms' is a farce, a lie.
As for the rulers of the Muslim countries, they believe that Islam can be gagged by executing men who speak the truth, boldly. They fail to realise that Islam thrives in adversity. Their crowns become more shaky by such executions.
And finally, as slaves of Allah, we don't want freedoms.

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