Thursday, October 05, 2006

America could neither dare to wage an open war against Pakistan five years ago nor has the courage to do so today

As usual on reaching the United States Musharraf’s eagerness to support his master increases manifold. Musharraf’s statement that America threatened to bomb Pakistan is in fact a failed attempt to conceal his treachery under the cover of so-called coercion. In fact, America does not need to pressurize or threaten traitors like Musharraf; rather a simple phone-call or an instruction is enough to get the job done. This fake threat was for the public consumption and to help Musharraf with an excuse to give to the Ummah for supporting the US. The reason for repeating the same old fake threat now, after five years, is that Musharraf wants to show the Ummah that even today he is compelled to follow American diktat. The reason being that if we didn’t kill our own Muslim brothers in the tribal belt and refused to support the American crusade in Afghanistan, America has the capability to send us back to the stone age. Hence it’s better for Pakistan to continue to serve and ‘bootlick’ America. (Astagfirullah-il-Azeem)
The fact is that America was neither in a position to impose a war on Pakistan five years ago nor she has the courage to do so today. Regarding the issue of “hot pursuit,” a coward army like the American’s, which dare not to go outside the green zone; how come they could conduct an operation inside Pakistan’s territory bypassing one hundred thousand strong fully equipped
Pakistan combat troops guarding the Pakistani frontiers. This is only possible when traitors like Musharraf himself guarantee their safety. America would never like to conduct military operations inside Pakistan’s territory when he has Pakistani troops available to be sacrificed, (thanks to Musharraf!). America’s strength could be easily gauged from their failure in weaker countries like Afghanistan and Iraq that were already too fragile because of continued fighting and sanctions. Pakistan is the strongest Muslim country and the only Muslim nuclear power.
American bases in the Persian Gulf and Central Asia were an easy target for Pakistani missiles and fighter war planes five years ago. Moreover, had there been a sincere leadership, an attack on Pakistan was impossible for America. Furthermore, a power that is highly equipped but their soldiers are not ready to sacrifice their lives is already destroyed along with their arsenal. We had already witnessed that with Israel in the recent war aggression on Lebanon and in the shape of the death of American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is true that America possess much more cavalry and military arsenals than what Pakistan possess but since Pakistan has the capability to cause more damage to America than what America could bear that is why America would never have committed the mistake of attacking Pakistan. As for the hoax of the Indians siding with America, we ask why would India involve itself in a foreign war that could maximum benefit her with destruction of Pakistan but at the cost of himself reaching the Stone Age because of a nuclear war? What about making herself as an easy vulnerable prey to its Eastern enemy ‘People Republic of China’. And after this war the division of this weak Indian state into many stateless would not have taken much time. This is the “balance of power” because of which India and America could not impose an open war on Pakistan. And even if they conducted this mistake, even then it was impossible to subjugate Pakistan through military means the same way as they failed in Afghanistan and Iraq. But agent rulers like Musharraf scared the people and not only committed genocide of the innocent Muslim of Afghanistan but made it possible for America to control the Pakistani land and Air space without firing even a single bullet. Whilst on other side, despite bombing with thousands of tons of ammunition America could not subjugate Iraq and Afghanistan!!!

As for the threat of “sending Pakistan back to the Stone Age” is concerned; the threat is there now. If America and India had the capability to completely control Pakistan they would not wait a moment in imposing a war over Pakistan. The question is what wisdom did we show by granting our neighbourhood to our enemy? What military strategy is this to allow opening of FBI offices and granting airbases to the enemy inside the country? The answer is simple. An agent ruler does not care about the interest of their people; they care for the interest of the master. Because of Musharraf America was not only able to crush Afghanistan but further enslaved Pakistan by placing their troops and secret agencies inside the country. Moreover, it is obvious to the people the situation of the strategic assets in the name of whose “protection” the Afghani Muslims were sold. Kashmir policy is U-turned and Jihad is declared as terrorism. Atomic scientist A.Q. Khan detained and senior scientist of KRL are forced into retirement. Not just this, upon American instruction a campaign is undergoing to change the Islamic identity of Muslims completely. Change in syllabus, promotion of cable culture, patronizing vulgarity and lewdness in the name of soft image are just a few important policies in this regard. What further proof is required to the Musharraf treachery that people were continuously being told that Pakistani land will not be used for bombarding Afghanistan? But later it was disclosed that American planes made 50000+ sorties from Airbases of the Pakistan Air Force to bomb the Muslims of Afghanistan.

A Muslim prefers the death of honour to the life of humiliation and slavery. But what these Islamic trait have to do with coward and traitor rulers like Musharraf? They just want to save their seat and make millions by writing a bunch of lies and selling his Iman. The days of these traitor rulers are numbered. Insha Allah soon the Ummah will get rid of these rulers by establishing Khilafah. And that will be the day of rejoicing for the Momineen.

Naveed Butt - Pakistan

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tawhid said...

You are right about Musharraf of Pakistan, that he was a traitor.

I have to correct you on your assertion that Pakistan is the strongest Muslim country. It is simply not true.

It is true that Pakistan is the only publicly declared Muslim nuclear 'power'.

But a country that gets penetrated by mere drones of the USA regularly is not even strong, let alone be the strongest.

Such honour can go to countries like Iran who taught Amerikans and Zionists such tough lessons through various plans that they have not dared attack it despite so much talk.