Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Through his statement Musharraf has confirmed American allegations of infiltration into Afghanistan

Musharraf’s statement that he has received reports that points to the possibility of certain retired ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) officers aiding Taliban, amounts to an explicit confirmation of American and Afghani allegations of Pakistan’s infiltration and interference in Afghanistan. Hence by authenticating American accusations, Musharraf has once again exposed his true face. If we assume that Musharraf’s statement did actually has some truth attached to it even then there is no possible rational explanation as to why it was felt necessary to confess on American national media? After all what national interest will be served through this blunder? Consequently the American government and its media will further increase pressure on Pakistan; basing their arguments on this very statement. And under the pretext of this so-called American pressure Musharraf will once again portray himself as “helpless” and “coerced” (Majboor) to detain retired and serving officers of the Pakistan Armed Forces. Musharraf’s treachery has become so open and has reached to such a blatantly absurd level that he cannot offer a single logical argument to justify his actions except repeating the mantra of “compulsion” (Mujboori). Hence after passing through Wana, the crusade that was waged in Afghanistan under the guise of “Pakistan first” will be extended to the whole of Pakistan. But unfortunately, in this battle − unlike Iraq and Afghanistan − not a single American soldier will be killed since, thanks to Musharraf, Pakistan’s armed forces, intelligence agencies and police will be the one conducting these operations. Moreover, this battle will not be just between administration and the people of Pakistan but it is feared that it will be a war among different institutions of the state. Musharraf’s current statement, like his previous statements, is precisely according to his policy of ‘waving the red rag to a bull’. This policy is also the central theme of Musharraf current book. This book is more of a charge-sheet against Pakistan and less of an autobiography of Musharraf. Globally, the book presents Pakistan’s distorted image as a country, which is the largest nuclear proliferator in the world as well as a country that is the biggest source of extremism and terrorism, which the West should be very cautious about. To make Pakistan a future target, these two charges were very essentials whose confession has been extracted from none other than the chief of the army staff and the president of the country himself. Pakistan is the strongest Muslim country in the Muslim Ummah and America fears that in the near future if the Khilafah is established here it will pose a major threat to the American hegemony. That is why America is wagging an intense criminal propaganda against Pakistan before the establishment of the Khilafah and Musharraf is her most important pawn in this project. O people of powerful and authority! Would you continue to permit this traitor to seriously harm the interest of Pakistan and the Muslims? Hasn’t the time come yet that you establish the Khilafah to liberate the Muslims from the slavery of the West and guide them to the honor and triumph they deserve?

Naveed Butt, Pakistan
2nd Oct, 2006

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