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The way to work for Khilafah

Scholars who are working for Khilafah

Clear Evidences for the Obligation of the Khilafah

Evidences about the Return of the Khilafah

The Fardiyyah (obligation) of working for Khilafah

Did Khilafah only exist for 30 years?

Organisations of the Khilafah State - Part 3

Organisations of the Khilafah State - Part 2

Organisations of the Khilafah State - Part 1

When is rebellion against the Khalifah permitted?

The definitive violation of the Shariah by the rulers of the Muslim world, Part. 1

The twisting of ahadith to justify the abandonment of the Shariah

Does Islam have a Ruling System?

Various Ahadith about the Rulers

Is Saudi Arabia a State of Islam or Kufr ?

The Dar Paradigm and Identity

Adopting Secularism in Government is Apostasy from Islam

The obligation of having one Khalifah

More quotes on Khilafah by the Classical Scholars

From Maulana Shibli Nomani to Sultan Abdul Hamid 2nd

New Caliphate New Era

Khilafah & Indian Subcontinent article in Al-Waie Arabic Magazine

Part 2 - Foundations of the Curriculum in the Khilafah

Foundations of the Curriculum in the Khilafah - Part 1

Uproot Musharraf and this corrupt system, re-establish Khilafah

The concept of the state in Islam

Communique from Hizb ut-Tahrir to the Jordanian government in 1953

Hizb ut-Tahrir Bangladesh issues its Islamic Manifesto

Letters from Uzbekistan - Part 1

Letters from Uzbekistan - Part 2

New Website -

Citizenship in the Khilafah state

Statement on the execution of Shabab of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Morocco

From Turkey: Khilafah is the only means of unity in Ibadat & Ta'at

Refutation of the Iranian Constitution

Somalia…Somalia Make It Victorious, Oh Muslims!

Darfur requires an Islamic Solution, not more Colonialism

Is the Caliphate a dream?

America should remember its warm relations with the Caliphate in the past

Oh! Muslim Soldiers: Is there not a wise person amongst you?

'I Rule Over Real Men'

The Khilafah and the Indian Subcontinent

Q&A: Mongol invasion, Ibn Taymiyyah's fatwa & the Khilafah

Bush attacks concept of Caliphate again

Video: Demonstration in al-Khalil (Hebron), Palestine for Khilafah

The Speech of Sheikh Ata’ Ibn Khaleel Abu Al-Rishta on Anniversary of Destruction of Khilafah

Activist for Khilafah in PK files suite for damages against false implication on terrorism

Naveed Butt: Lets all pledge to work for Khilafah

Leaflet about 28th Rajab & fall of Khilafah from Pakistan

Activist for Khilafah martyred in Iraq

Would the Pope dare to attack Islam if the Islamic State – the Khilafah Rashidah – had been established?

Bush afraid of Caliphate in Iraq

More activists for Khilafah arrested in Jordan - 19th Aug 06

Q&A: Working to change opinion in the West?

How to establish the Islamic State - Part 10

How to establish the Islamic State - Part 9

How to establish the Islamic State - Part 8

How to establish the Islamic State - Part 7

How to establish the Islamic State - Part 6

How to establish the Islamic State - Part 5

How to establish the Islamic State - Part 4

How to establish the Islamic State - Part 3

How to establish the Islamic State - Part 2

How to establish the Islamic State - Part 1

The Coming Of Imam Mahdi, Sayidina Isa And Ad-Dajaal

Communique In Response To The Declaration Of The OIC Emergency Meeting In Kuala Lumpur

Israel will be destroyed & Jerusalem will become the capital of the Khilafah

Photos of Uthmani Khilafah during rule of Sultan Abdul Hamid II

Clarifying the meaning of Dar al-Kufr & Dar al-Islam

Islamic Ruling System - in depth articles

An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

Oppressive arrest of Scholar in Yemen

Moroccan newspaper insults Allah, His Rasul (saw), mothers of the believers & Islam

Is Saudi Arabia an Islamic State?

Can the Caliphate make a comeback?

Imprisoning the workers for Khilafah will only make them stronger by the will of Allah

The responsibility of the Ulema in working for the Khilafah and upholding the truth

Some quotes from the Ulema of India about Khilafah

Fatwa of Sheikh ul-Hind emphasises importance of Khilafah

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