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America must not think the value of her way of life, her citizens and embassies to be more than the honour of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Media office
H. 27 Shawwal 1433
M. 2012/09/14
No:1433- 10/1
Press Release
America must not think the value of her way of life, her citizens and embassies to be more than the honour of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

The honour of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is more than anyone or anything in this world. America must know that the value she attaches to her way of life, her citizens and embassies is of little worth compared to the honour of Muhammad (SAW). His honour is much, much more than the lowly, misguided American way of life, her citizens and embassies. America is quick to unleash her propaganda machine, her war machine, torture machine and everything else when her way of life, her citizens and embassies come under attack anytime or anywhere in the world. Yet she expects the Muslims to silently accept the disgusting way Muhammad (SAW) is insulted. This will never happen and the Muslim Ummah will continue to protest against the attack on the Prophet (SAW).

Hizb ut-Tahrir strongly condemns the attack on the Prophet (SAW) and America's attempts to equate the value of his honour with the value of her way of life, her citizens and embassy buildings. Hizb ut-Tahrir calls upon the Muslims to continue their protests and to go further than that by working to uproot the American way of life i.e. the democratic system; and to uproot her agents from the Islamic lands by re-establishing the Khilafah which will protect the honour of the Prophet (SAW). Hizb ut-Tahrir calls upon the Muslims in Bangladesh to join their brothers in the Arab countries in launching mass protests against the attack on the honour of RasulAllah (SAW) and to raise the following demands:

1. Immediately stop the military exercise being held by the American military in Savar, Dhaka,
2. Cancel the American naval exercise to be held in Chittagong from 17-24 September,
3. Cancel the security dialogue to be held with the US military in Hawaii,
4. Cancel the strategic dialogue with USA to be held on 19-20 September and
5. Close down the American embassy and permanently cut the diplomatic, strategic, security and all other forms of relationships with the USA.

Media Office of Hizb ut-Tahrir
Wilayah Bangladesh



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