Friday, November 18, 2016

The Murder of Mohsin Fikri: A Dormant Revolution in a Repressed People

Press Release
On Friday the 28th of October, Morocco witnessed a truly horrific crime, epitomised in the murder of a young man, Mohsin Fikri, pulverised and crushed in a garbage collection truck, whilst he was struggling for his livelihood. Just like that and without mercy!
This horrific crime which indicated clearly the regime’s contempt and disdain to the people stirred the Moroccan street having witnessed dozens of marches and huge angry protests in support of the honour and dignity of Mohsin Fikri and to his right and through that, the dignity of the people of the country as a whole. The protesters stopped in front of the police stations raising the slogan “Murderers and criminals” …
This popular tide indicates proof that the Islamic Ummah hoards a severe hatred towards its regimes whatever they are named. It represents a blatant evidence that Morocco boasts about a fake stability and that it resorts to misrepresentation to contain a latent revolution against the Moroccan government and against the regime as a whole.
The regime has become deceived about its capability to contain after having closed the door to the crimes of Al-Hasan II and the bleak dark days of his rule. After the overwhelming 20th February movement in 2011 within the context of the Arab revolutions, and after the accomplishment of distractive elections which more than half of the people boycotted, we say to all… Enough with the delay, enough of the experimentation, enough of looking for excuses for these failure agent regimes… It is not hidden from anyone that the regime in Morocco has abandoned the issues of the Ummah and acts arrogantly in respect to them. Its recognition of the Jewish entity long ago and its efforts to accomplish this entity’s penetration into the Arab lands is nothing other than a greater evidence that this regime represents a burden upon this Ummah and its people… And have our people in Morocco forgotten the barbaric torture and the atrocities of the prisons during the time of King Hasan II and how they represented a descent below humanity and a insolent challenge to Allah and His Messenger…
The crime of the murder of Mohisn Fikri, in this cruelty, is clear evidence that the ruling class in Morocco is extremely arrogant and severed from the people and the Ummah… 
The hope, all the hope in our people in Morocco, is for their protests to be ripe and mature and that they define an explicit objective adopted by everyone. That means making Morocco a support point for the Ummah’s project, the Islamic State, the rightly guided Khilafah (Caliphate) upon the methodology of the Prophethood. And that these protests contain an awareness that makes the people of Morocco not turn for patchwork or misleading solutions. That is because the affliction has already gone on for so long, the agony has multiplied, the sin has magnified and time has been wasted.
Tell this regime that boasts of its ability to mislead, dissipate and distract, ENOUGH! We have understood, we have pinpointed our issue, and we hope that we will not have entered into these protests only to be used by colonial parties to divert them from its path to take control over them…
CMO_SigflattThat is because it is not permissible to call for separation, division, secularism or nationalism. Rather, the call must be explicitly for Islam… And to the ruling system that will make Morocco a beacon that the Ummah gathers around to complete its unity… Indeed, how great is the good within Morocco and how amazing is their deep concern for the Ummah’s issues… Let us hope that this time it is rightly guided and decisive.
Ridha Bel Haj

Member of the Central Media Officeof Hizb ut Tahrir

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